We are excited to be carrying the VA Composites Drago shaft. The sleep and sophisticated design looks as good as it handles. The shaft doesn’t just feel smooth in your grip, its effectively designed for mid-to-high launch and low spin. 

VA Composites was launched in 2007 with a vision and a dream to design and provide the best composite golf shafts in the world. The first golf shaft to help VA Composites make a name for themselves was the highly acclaimed Raijin shaft and over the last decade, the company has continued improving their products and keeping up with market trends.  What makes a great shaft?   Dedication to a winning design coupled with exotic composite materials and professional knowledge of a winning combination of the golf shaft and club head, which is exactly was Victor Afable has proven again with the new Drago shaft. Compared to the Raijin, the Drago has the stiffest bend profile of all 3 shaft lines and will tend to launch the lowest

While the technology behind the Drago is second to none, you can’t ignore the visual the shaft brings to the game. Following VA Composites’ bright blue Slay shaft, the Drago’s checkered purple upper section is without a doubt an eye catcher. The visual pop off the shaft exudes confidence and style.

Once in your hand, you immediately notice how stout the Drago is. With a 3-2-3 rating, the Drago has the stiffest butt and tip possible with a medium rated mid-section. That strength almost guarantees a low spin and mid-launch delivery after your first swing. The shafts performance isn’t a fluke – one thing you will notice time and time again with this in your bag is the consistency it brings to your game. Each time you hit the ball with the Drago, you’re going to see near-identical trajectory.

To see the specs or purchase the new Drago shaft, please go here.