The highly anticipated Graphite Design Tour AD XC hit the market in early September and promises to swing in 2020 with the ideal wood shaft. Designed for “Xtra Carry” the new Tour AD XC are black with red and silver accents that won’t go unnoticed on the greens. The silver fade at the tip and matte clear coat finish will definitely catch a few glances on the course. 
Relying on the motto “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” the new Tour AD XC follows suit of Pro Choice Golf Shafts Inc’s other high performance wood salts by leaning on premium, aerospace quality carbon-fiber materials. 
Soft in the butt section and stiff in the center, the shaft’s stiff tip encourages low/mid launch angle and low swing with the ball. 
The Graphite Design Tour AD XC is available in weights ranging from 40 grams to 80 grams.  In the 40 gram weight class, stiff, R1 (regular), and R2 (light) flexes are available.  At 50 grams, you can get R2, R1, stiff, and X.  The 60 gram family offers stiff and X while introducing TX and SR (Stiff/Regular).  The 70 and 80 gram models are for the faster swingers, with only stiff, X, and TX, or stiff and X available, respectively.
If you have any questions please email us, or to purchase go here.  See below for what some of our customers thought of the new Graphite Design XC. 
“My favorite Graphite Design shaft of all time, and I’ve played most of them.  Playing it my driver and have been nothing but happy with it.  Launch numbers are spot on and the feel is unmistakably GD.  Great build by Will, as always.”
- Steve in WV
"I actually was able to get it out for the first time on course yesterday. First, it looks totally awesome with the stealthy matte black fading into that matte silver tip section. Second, I noticed a very strong and flatter ball flight than my previous shaft (TZ5 M4 65) but with great carry. It was also very tip stiff for such any easy swinging smooth feeling shaft and I felt like it was basically impossible to miss left. Third, it feels lighter and easier to swing than the TZ5, probable the balance and weighting. Love it, so far. 
-Max in CA