The Peoples Clubs is excited to now be carrying the new Graphite Design MAD – Maximum Accuracy and Distance wood shafts. This product line consists of two models, one being a PRO-better player model designed to promote MID Launch and LOW spin and the other is a Standard-novice to advance player model designed to promote MID to HIGH Launch and LOW/MID to MID spin.  
These new shafts utilize the Torayca T1100G material technology that can also be found in the high end Tour AD IZ, TP, GP and M9003 shaft models. You have to check out the tip area of the shaft and take note of the silk screen print which promotes the T1100G technology. 
If you have been looking for a way to alleviate the ill-fated golf ball flight issues that result in a lack of Maximum Accuracy and Distance, these shafts were designed just for you! The Graphite Design MAD PRO strength wood shafts are available in 65g S and X Flex and 75g X Flex and is designed for the advanced to professional players with higher swing speeds.
The technology behind the new design is an impressive feat. With premium, ultra-thin, aerospace quality carbon fiber materials, the shafts are scientifically engineered for ultimate accuracy and distance in every swing. 
Let us help you find the perfect custom fit with these shafts to improve your launch angles and lower your ball spin rates with every swing. 
Or check out some of the feedback we have received. 
“Awesome shaft, cant beat it for the price.” John in NC
I was able to get the MAD Pro on the course Saturday.  Been down and out since with a cold but here are my thoughts after 4 range sessions and 1 round.

Feel - The shaft is firm but not harsh or boardy feeling.  It is stable throughout the swing and there is a nice little kick at impact.

Looks - Very simple paintjob that wont attract much attention and doesn't distract at address.  The color scheme is awesome and for those who like to match grips or other stuff to their shafts this one is easy to pair up.

Performance - This is where the shaft stands out in my opinion.  It provides the mid launch and a nice mid-high ball flight.  When the ball reaches its peak height it rides that thru its descent.  A nice aspect is that the ball once in the air doesn't move off its start line and even into the wind I was able to hit some pretty standard distance drives. -Eric in MD