When it comes to developing the newest technologies utilizing the newest materials, Mitsubishi has been the “go to” for more than 30 years. The Mitsubishi MMT is no exception and the latest creation the company has put out.

MMT – Metal Mesh Technology--  is a total game changer. Using an end-to-end manufacturing approach, Mitsubishi begins the shaft-making process with layers of prepreg stacked up to create the core of the shaft. The geniuses behind this iron series is how they integrate metal mesh into the layers of prepreg toward the tip of the shaft. The resin reinforced fabric pre-impregnated with carbon fibers will totally change up your opinion of a graphite iron shaft. Mitsubishi’s manufacturing process allows the company to precisely distribute flex into the irons shafts, which the company says cannot be replicated with an all-steel product.

MMT iron shafts are crafted to deliver a mid launch and mid spin while the MMT Taber irons are designed for a mid/low launch and mid/low spin. Either way, the one thing you will get with any MMT design is consistent ball flights. 

The balance of the MMT builds swing confidence and the quicker your swing speed, the stiffer the butt is to compensate for the change. From the design to the delivery, the MMT shafts encourage a stability that isn’t compromised by speed even in a graphite shaft.  

And if you are worried about the MMT standing out in your bag – the matte finish and subtle “MMT” branding looks clean on the course.

To email Will for a recommendation please click here.  Or to purchase just go here. Or see below what some of our other customers had to say. 

"Anyone looking for a lightweight, less harsh steel replacement without sacrificing consistency and dispersion should give the mmt a shot. You won’t be disappointed.”
- James in MO

"Honestly I've tried every shaft imagainble and since hitting it in the 3 iron Ive been considering going MMT throughtout the bag. Great shaft."
-Will in TN

"I’ve honestly only been to the range with them a few times. It’s been a crazy year.... but its the best shaft/head combo for my wrist and thumb arthritis. I can feel the shaft load and unload during the swing (which might just be from me coming from shafts with much less torque.)"
-Preston in GA

"I would say these are the best iron shafts I have played to date.  I have significant elbow issues and used C-taper 130 X and DG X7 for past 8 years.  Unfortunately, I had to make a change because I couldn't take the elbow pain anymore.  Pain is almost non-existent and I think these shafts have same launch and spin #'s as the C taper 130 x did.  They feel very smooth and nowhere near as boardy as the X7 did.  
As an aside, I also have the wedge shafts and don't like those.  I tend to balloon them, so I went back to steel for my gap, sand, and lob wedges."
-Greg in NJ