Subtlety and the Miura brand go hand in hand so it’s no surprise that Miura’s Baby Blades are back for a limited time!  This beautiful Y sole grind includes a subtle heel and toe relief that enhances the playability of the iron to ensure the best path for the club head to turf.

Looks can be deceiving and because these clubs look nothing like the game-improvement cavity-backs you are used to being sold, you may be tempted to overlook them. These clubs are going to show you crisper contact, increased accuracy, and consistency.  In our opinion they are sneaky forgiving, way more forgiving than you would expect from a smaller head.   

Miura’s Baby Blades are 15% smaller overall, making the clubhead easier to square up at impact. In this case, size doesn’t matter, because although the overall size is smaller, Miura created a face both dense and substantial, ensuring an aggressive, low ball flight. 

To get a recommendation or discuss a build with Will please email him.  If you would like to purchase just go here. Or check out  below what some of our other customers had to say. 

“I am loving it! It’s awesome!!! That’s all I can say. Thanks so much Will!”

-Alwin in CA

“The Baby Blades are something that I’ve always wanted to try but was always skeptical due to the stories of how small they are.  I found them to be small for sure, but nothing that screams total shock and fear of swinging.  After a swing or two, you get totally blown away on how good these irons feel.  Simply put, there’s no other iron like a Miura Baby Blade.  The shape is gorgeous, the look is amazing and the feel is unforgettable!!  Thanks again to Will and his staff for the wonderful custom work they continue to provide. “

-Brent in IL

“I've played blades and/or players clubs since I've learned how to play golf and after learning about Miura, I had to have a set of Baby Blades.  At first, they can be intimidating because they look a good bit smaller than any other blades I've played (previously P-7TW).  After hitting them,!  It's just different.  The feel, the way the ball comes off the face, the sound, and surprisingly forgiving for being a blade.  Even on off center hits, the ball would fly closer to my normal carry distances than any other "players club" I've ever played.  I'm 100% sold on them and will, more than likely, play them for the foreseeable future.  Also, People's Golf goes above and beyond on building you the perfect club and they are great to work with. “

- Jon in GA

“For those looking for a short blade length and a square toe it simply doesn’t get any better than the Baby Blade. A lot is made of forgiveness and distance in irons these days and on paper it sounds like a great reason to go to a heavily perimeter weighted CB with stronger lofts. In practice I have found the my distance control is noticeably better with the BB and while there may be more of a jolt on severe misses, the differences in shot result are minimal if any. Add to that an unmatched feel and consistency on even moderately well struck shots it becomes a pretty easy decision. Every time I try a new iron set I always end up with them back in the bag.” 

-Kristopher in CO

“I purchased a set of Miura Baby Blades from Peoples Golf – the service and attention to detail I received were beyond outstanding!  If you are looking for great gear and great service, this should be your first and only stop!” 

-Tom in FL