A consolidation of tradition and atheistic, the Miura MB-101 perfectly incorporates the superior characteristics of early Miura designs and models. With just subtle refinements to the sole, the club is allowed to travel seamlessly through the turf. Optimization was key in the new design, pushing the limits of sole width and face thickness to ensure a heightened feel and feedback. 

Being the first new blade iron for Miura since 2013, the launch had to be perfect before adding it to the brand’s lineup of forged muscleback irons. Like everything sealed with a Miura stamp,  the new irons are forged and designed in the company’s Himeji based Japanese Factory. 

“This is a model of which the entire Miura family can be proud,” said Shinei Miura, in a press release. “My father is as passionate about the MB-101 as any club he has ever designed. Our hope is that it will be recognized as one of the finest irons our factory has ever produced and will remain in our model lineup for years to come.”

Utilizing S25C soft Carbon, the irons are created for workability and feel. The soles are thin, the towlines are this and there is the slightest offset to bring it all together. 

The new Miura MB-101 defines the theory that the smaller the clubhead, the more focused a player will be over the ball, ideally resulting in better strikes. Along those same lines, the more compact head means more mass will be behind the ball, even on mishits, providing better results and offering the greatest level of feedback.

If you have any questions on the new Miura MB just email us.  Or if you would like to purchase go here. See below for what some of our customers thought. 

"Best feeling iron I’ve ever had, more solid and dense impact sensation and the sole glides right through the turf. Great distance and trajectory control, couldn’t be more happy with those heads” -Matt in KS

"The MB-101 are by far the best looking and feeling clubs I‘ve ever hit.  It‘s almost addictive to hit them.  They are definitely more forgiving then I thought and you get long distance out of them. Thank you for the great build. I think these clubs are staying in my bag for a long time." -Julian in Switzerland