The 2019 PGA show gave us a chance to catch a sneak peek of what Callaway has been working on and what we can expect from this legendary brand this year. 
We had the chance to check out the Callaway Flash, which has a similar feel to the other Callaway drivers that have proven to be a fan favorite in the past. You can expect the same quality and consistency that you have come to love from Callaway, which we are sure will make these a good seller this year. We will be carrying the Callaway Flash in the tour heads and retail. 
The new Epic Flash driver is a little different than what you might be used to from Callaway. The Epic Flash employs a new Callaway specific technology called Flash Face designed to help golfers get more ball speed, resulting in more distance.  With the Flash Face expect to watch your ball soar further, faster. The sophisticated architecture of the Flash Face was crafted by Artificial Intelligence – and is the only driver to ever make that claim in the golf industry. Callaway literally got this driver down to a science – by utilizing “machine learning,” a field of computer science that uses statistical techniques to give computer systems the ability to “learn” with data without being explicitly programmed, computers were used to cycle through 15,000 different face iterations, learning from each one to ultimately create the Flash Face. This new technology has a lot of hype to live up to already because Golf Digest rated this driver the only driver in 2019 20/20 – but since it’s a Callaway, we are sure it will deliver.  To get on our waiting list for the new Tour Issue Callaway Epic Flash, please email us.
 Tour Issue Callaway Epic Flash
Throughout the week we had the chance to hit the new Taylormade tour heads and were blown away by their performance.  For the first time ever, these clubs will feature a Speed Injected Twist Face™ which features a revolutionary new process of calibrating every individual head to the threshold of the legal speed limit. With this innovative new process, you might notice a different feel compared to what you have grown used to from Taylormade. If we didn’t know any better, we would have put it more in the category of the feel we get when using the Callaway drivers. While the new tour heads don’t have the typical TM pop – they go forever. We have tour heads coming in now and if you would like to get on our waiting list please email us.  We will also be carrying their entire retail lineup as well. If you are wanting to get on our tour head waiting list, please email us today. 
Tour Issue Taylormade M5
A question that keeps coming up this year, is why get a tour head if Taylormade is calibrating every head to the max CT?  The reason is the same as it’s always been, with tour heads you know what your getting. In the first few batches of tour heads we have been extremely surprised by their specs, most notably the CT. Based on Taylormade’s claim we were expecting these heads to be at the max CT, when in fact they are averaging a lower CT than previous years.  Were not sure why but we expect retail heads to be the same.  Based on what we have seen it appears as if this is more marketing than anything else. With the tour heads you at least know the specs of the club you are receiving and the face CT in 3 different locations.  Whereas with retail you still never know what your getting, it might be a bomber but more likely than not the specs will be all over the place. If your interested in a tour head please email us to get on our waiting list.
Our trade in program is a perfect example of reshaping our business to meet the needs of our customers. When we launched The Peoples Club, trades were off the table and something we hadn’t planned to get involved in. But with so many of you coming to us and asking for the service, we evolved and wanted to be able to deliver for you. While at the PGA show we met with GolfStix specifically to talk with them about our trade on program and how we can optimize this service to better suit our customers.  This was the first year we used GolfStix for their services and we have been very pleased with their support and business model.  These guys are awesome and we look forward to continue working with them to shape and grow this aspect of the Peoples Clubs since it was specifically customer driven.
Golf Stix