While at the PGA show we were stoked to learn that Fujikura will be launching their newest shaft -- the Ventus on February 1.This shaft is mind blowing and without a doubt will be a top seller this year. The new shaft features a stiffer tip and softer butt section providing a more stable profile without losing the feel Fujikura is known for. You can expect to see a lower torque from this shaft, with a mid launch and low spin. Their Enso testing has showed better center face contact as well. The shaft’s profile makes it extremely easy to square the face at impact.  These will be coming in everything from a 50g R through an 80X. We don’t want to get your hopes up, but there is also a possibility of some slightly tweaked tour only versions coming down the pipe – as long as they get good tour feedback so stay tuned. We are extremely excited for the entire new Ventus line and are anxious to see just how far this shaft can go. 
Fujikura Ventus
It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Atmos TS is still the most popular Fujikura shaft on tour.  The TR is still crushing it as well and the Ventus has been picking up a lot of play and I wouldn’t be surprised if it moved up the ranks this year to become the most popular Fujikura Shaft on tour. Don’t forget about the Fujikura’s Pro iron shafts because they are also definitely one you need to check out. 
Go ahead and mark your calendars, the Graphite Design- New IZ will be coming out in early March. This shaft might possibly be the shaft we are the most excited about this year. Graphite Design hasn’t launched a new hybrid shaft in years, and I am sure this shaft will prove to be worth the wait. This will definitely be a winner. 
Graphite IZ Hybrid
The new Graphite Design IZ has a stiffer profile than the DI, and has a more uniform feel from tip to butt. This piece of perfection was designed and manufactured at their factory headquarters in Japan and is the very first time Graphite Design has ever offered a 65 gram version in the tour AD Line. While there are a lot of new and exciting features in the IZ Hybrid, the shaft utilizes the same premium, aerospace quality carbon-fiber materials that all the Tour AD shafts have in order to deliver the best feeling and preforming shaft available to golfers. Since we pride ourselves in delivering Only the Best to our customers, you can guarantee GD New IZ shaft will be in our inventory. 
There are a lot of dangerous new products coming out this year for Project X. The first is their new graphite shaft, the Catalyst. Designed to have the feel of steel, this is the first shaft to ever feature the revolutionary material ISO 6. These beauties are offered in an Ion as well as a matte black finish and are in stock now. 
Catalyst Black
Just in time for the Masters, Project X also has their new HZRDUS Smoke Yellow shaft hitting the market. This shaft will be the first in the “Small Batch” line which will be replacing the HandCrafted series. Although we will be very sad to see this program go away, we understand it was just impossible to continue to manufacturer so many shafts in a facility that had only been designed to do special R and D type projects. The Small Batch line will be very similar to the HandCrafted line in that quality control will be amped up.  Specifications and details will matter much more than with most shafts. These will also be only available through Performance Fitting Centers.    


We were excited to learn that True Temper will also be releasing their Dynamic Gold 105 iron shafts in a Matte Black finish this year This new finish is now a powder coated finish rather than a gloss finish and is much more durable than the previous generation.  The new powder coated finish can also be found on the Black Onyx wedges. We are hoping to get a few sets of their Tour Issue S400 and X100 Iron shafts featuring this new finish in the shop later in the year. 
Finally, True Temper just released their new Dynamic Gold 95 S200 Iron shafts featuring their new Vibration Suppression System. This insert is manufactured into the shaft and is very similar to old sensicore insert that helps dampen vibrations and can help with elbow and joint pain.  Their new elevate shaft also features this new VSS. The elevate is offered in R, S, and X. These will only be available in Performance Fitting Centers like TPC so shoot us an email today. 
Dynamic Gold 95 w/ VSS
Accras has been making waves in the golf industry and their new TZ shafts have been been taking the tour by storm with several top pros sporting this shaft including Jason Day, Cameron Champ, Pat Perez, and Martin Kaymer, just to name a few. Needless to say, the demand for these shafts has been very good both on and off tour.  Accra will be coming out with two shafts in this line. The first is the TZ5 which is going to be a low launching shaft with an extremely stable tip reinforced by Kevlar and a smooth mid section.  The second is the TZ6 which has surprisingly been the more popular shaft on tour. The TZ6 features a more responsive tip but is also very stable due to its lower torque -- in fact it has the lowest torque they offer on any shaft. If you are looking to increase your launch and lower your spin this would be a great shaft for you.  Both shafts will be offered in a hybrid version with a possibility of some tour only prototypes and possibly a utility version down the road. 
Accra TZ Shaft
Accras has also redesigned and rereleased their putter shafts, which have been extremely well received so far.  These are offered in four different models so please contact us to discuss your next Accra putter shaft. 
Accra Putter Shafts
KBS have new putter shafts coming out as well. We have been carrying these KBS putter shafts for the past year and have been very impressed. The matte black putter shaft has been one our best selling shafts. The look isn’t the only new aspect of these putter shafts, but they also have a new shaft band. KBS will also now be offering a Single and Double Bend option. 
KBS Putter Shafts
You definitely need to check out the KBS Max graphite. This has a higher launch and spin while maintaining a softer profile than the Tour Graphite Iron.
KBS Max Graphite
$ Taper 90g, similar to KBS C Taper Lite but with the $ Taper profile, available in chrome and Black PVD.
We don’t just have new equipment from KBS, but we will also be picking up their new line of hats and bags and adding them to our shop so check out the new inventory.  
We were also able to talk with the guys at Nippon about their plans for 2019  The Modus 3 has been one our best selling steel shafts. This year the Modus 105 R, S, and X will be offered in a Matte Black Shaft limited edition. These should be available sometime in May so keep checking back to get first dibs.
Finally we meet with Victor and Heather from VA Shafts.  Their new VYLYN Shaft should be hitting the market around March 1. These are softer in the handle, with a stiff midsection and tip. The feel of the shaft is just as great as the overall look. 
Victor, Heather, and Will
Raijin Black will without a doubt be the stiffest profile offered by VA. Much more stable than any of the others for a golfer with a higher swing speed. We also love the atheistic of the matte black graphics. 
VA Shafts Drago Black
Overall it was a great show and we have several exciting things planned for the 2019 season so stay tuned!  If you need help selecting which shaft or club might be right for you, please email us.