If you’re anything like the staff at TPC, you have come to love the energy behind the feel of Evenflow. The newest shaft, the Project X Riptide was created to sustain the brand’s energetic feel, but offer more stability for golfers. With an option between standard weighting and counter balanced, this new shaft from Project X will work at a traditional driver length or will work well in the longer length retail drivers.

An electric shockwave ignites down the shaft as you swing, with an undeniable force of energy shocking the ball as it leaves the tee. Despite the jolt of energy behind the swing – the Riptide doesn’t sacrifice the level of smooth the EvenFlow Blue offered. 

New for 2020, Riptide is easily the most explosive and tightest dispersion shaft in the EvenFlow line. Finding the perfect synergy of smooth and stable, the Riptide produces a mid launch and mid spin.

The Project X EvenFlow Riptide is available in 50, 60, 70, and 80 gram weight classes.  In the 50 gram class, 5.5 and 6.0 flexes are available, which translates to regular and stiff.  At 60 and 70 grams, there are 6.0, 6.5, and 6.5TX flexes: stiff, X-flex, and Tour X.  The 80 gram version is only available in 6.5TX for the big hitters.

If you would like a recommendation please email us, or if you are ready to purchase go here. See what some of customers thought of the new RipTide below.  

"I like it. My favorite PX shaft in the past has been the Evenflow Black. But I really enjoy the lighter option of the Riptide - same great EF feel but it does launch a bit higher but maintains a great penetrating flight and accuracy."
-Luke in AL