This is EXACTLY what you have been waiting for. We are now carrying Breakthrough Golf Technology’s New Stability Tour— A Putter Shaft with a tour preferred Slim Look. BGT listened to what the best golfers in the game had to say and designed this shaft specifically with those suggestions in mind. 
The Stability Tour has a slimmer profile than the original, but offers a softer feel. It will match the balance point and flex profile of steel with 30% more carbon fiber for crisp, responsive sound and control preferred by better players.
The atheistic of this shaft are streamlined and the “blackout” appearance will lesson the sight distraction on the course. With more carbon fiber for crisp, responsive sound and control , the softer feel of the Stability Tour is exactly what discerning golfers and tour professionals look for. 
The new Stability Tour has a slow consistent outside diameter taper from .600″ at the butt to just over .520″ at the tip, .080″ might not seem like a big difference, until you understand just how sensitive the human eye is to detecting measurements and recognizing parallel lines. In our opinion these look immensely better and seem to fit the look of a putter more better than the original stability shaft. 
According to Breakthrough Golf Technologies, the Stability Tour shaft is still significantly stiffer than steel. The company puts the number at 97% stiffer, which leads to better control and less twisting. This is why the increased stiffness of the Stability Tour actually matters. BGT says the added stiffness equates to an 82% improvement in returning the face square at impact, and a 54% increase in forgiveness on off-center hits because a stiffer shaft twists less.