The Peoples Clubs prides itself on being the best at everything we do. We are always looking at ways to better our services and make sure our customers are satisfied. With that being said, we know we cant do it all. So when our customers need something, whether it be a product or service, that we are unable to provide, we want to make sure we are a resource for them to find what they need.
That’s exactly why we recommend GolfStix. The Peoples Clubs doesn’t do used clubs, with our growing businesses keeping up with the latest and greatest on the market, we haven’t been able to effectively and efficiently dive into the used club business. So rather than half-heartedly attempt to do it, we recommend you check out our new trade in program. 
They will buy everything and write you a check or give you a TPC E-Gift Card. The process is a breeze and has been remarkably streamlined for ease.  They even give you the option to print off a label so the process is as smooth as possible. This program came highly recommended by several colleagues and industry insiders. The prices are low but in our opinion in line with used club values and also are much better than PGA Value Guide. GolfStix has a program set up for customers to easily punch in your used clubs or anything else and will instantly give you a price. 
And just like with everything we offer in our own shop, we have personally tested the trade in program and that’s why we are confident in recommending it to our customers.  To get started go here. If you have a tour issue club or putter please email Will.