One of the hottest new shaft releases of the Fall, Fujikura’s Ventus Black and Red shafts. From the Ventus Line that has made waves all year long. When people are shopping for the perfect shaft, they look for a product that will fill a void in their golf game — wether it be a stiffer profile or a low launcher for greater accuracy, you shop for a shaft to do something specific. The Ventus Black finds the perfect balance to be multi-faceted and help your swing in all the right ways.

Following the Ventus Blue launch from earlier this Spring, the Ventus Black is a slightly stiffer in both the butt and tip sections and is appreciably firmer in the mid-section. It’s designed to be lower launching and spinning than Ventus Blue, which has caused players like Dustin Johnson, Danny Lee, and Daniel Berger to recently switch out their old shafts for the new Ventus Black.

The most noticeable difference crafted into the Ventus Black is the increase in stability. When you get the shaft in your hand, you’ll notice Fujikura dialed down the active-mid section and instead went with a stable feel, with no pronounced kick.

The new Ventus Blacks profile delivers better consistency, lower launch, and lower spin. If your swing speed has been ticking up, this new shaft provides the control you need to bring confidence to every swing. Check out what some of our customers thought below. Then if you have any questions please message us or go here to purchase.

"Hey Will, just installed that Ventus black. It’s way better than the blue. I think the blue is more suited for a fairway shaft or someone who needs that “blue” profile. Thanks again." -Jeff in TX

"Will - that Ventus shaft is awesome. Holy cow. I want one for my 3w!" -Craig in NC

“Simply put the Ventus Black is the best feeling shaft I have ever hit. The shaft performs exactly like advertised; low launch, low spin and extremely forgiving. As has always been my experience the build quality and customer service from Will & People’s Golf is top notch.” -Ryan in CA

"You definitely feel a little less kick than the blue in the shaft, but it is still super smooth and you can really go after it with no worries. The thing that impresses me the most is how well a miss hit will hold its line. I feel it actually out does the blue in this aspect. A bombing fairway finder, and it feels really similar to the DJ 661. I love it!" -Sean in CA

"I would use the word “responsive”. You can feel it load and it never feels boardy yet it still keeps the spin very low." -Richard in VA

"Simply put, its amazing.  I’ve hit shots that I “feel” are going off the planet, and I look up to see them perfectly fine.  When I step on it and need 5 more yards for a tough carry it EASILY holds up (Ventus black 7X)." - Aaron in MA