Ventus shafts have been a staple in The Peoples Clubs inventory since we first launched and over the last two years, Ventus has been our best selling shaft. So you can imagine how eager we have been for the Ventus Hybrid shaft to hit the shelves. 

The wait is finally over and Fujikura has officially brought the stability of the VeloCore technology that makes Ventus wood shafts what they are to hybrids and utilities by launching the all new Ventus Hybrid.

According to Fujikura, the proprietary multi-material bias construction design boosts clubhead performance through maximum energy transfer and works in tandem with an accelerated taper design to enhance load and feel at impact

With colors coordinating shaft performance – blue for a mid-launch and black for a low-launch, the variety of weights available make this shaft the perfect fit for any golfer. 

The Ventus Hybrid shaft is revolutionary. The VeloCore technology behind Fujuikura provides an ultra-stable, forgiving, high-performance hybrid shaft that ever golfer needs in their bag. 

With a full-length low-torque and ultra-stiff tip – the stability through the turf and at impact is unmatched in the industry. You are nearly guaranteed a consistent distance and tightening dispersion – which will allow you to land closer to your target with every swing. 

VeloCore’s center seeking technology pairs perfect with a hybrid’s shaft sweet spot – making the combo dangerously precise. The inclusion of Pitch 70 Ton Carbon Fiber in the multi-material core is a chief reason why the club is able to reduce unwanted twisting from the tee and turf.

The Ventus Hybrid was just released this month, and keeping them on the shelves will be no easy feat, so contact us today for special pricing and customization options.

To purchase it go here. Or if you would like a recommendation email us. To see what some of our other customers thought of the Ventus see below. 

"Hey Will. Got on the Trackman today. Ventus Hybrid shaft turned out even better than expected. Wildly accurate. It is staying in the bag."

- Trey in WV

"It provides an outstanding combination of stability and strong launch while still being smooth and forgiving.”
- Dustin in GA

"Awesome shaft, fits the Ventus wood line very well.”

- Johny in MO