Tour Heads


We now have all of the 2017 M1 Tour Driver heads in stock!  We are getting 2017 M1 fairways, hybrids, and M2s in weekly.  For these please email us to get on our waiting lists.  We also have the M1 Custom Builds available, as well as some pre built M1 options.  Or click here to see the 2017 Retail builds

The feedback on the 2017 M1s has been very good.  They are significantly louder due to a larger sound slot.  They are also quite a bit more forgiving than last years M1.  Last year the M1s lacked forgiveness, especially the 430 model.  As a result the 460 dominated on tour over the 430.  This year its more like 50/50 with the 440 head getting a lot more play on tour this year. TaylorMade’s 2017 M1 460 driver is as forgiving as the 2016 M2, and the 2017 M2 is the most forgiving driver model in company history, TaylorMade says.

The 2017 M2 picks up right where 2016 left off.  These still have a huge buzz on and off tour.  These are still getting a lot of play on tour.  They are also more forgiving and better sounding.  As a result of the sunken sole curvature the sweet spot on these has been moved towards the toe.  Like the 2017 M1 460 and M1 440 drivers, the new M2 driver uses a “sunken sole curvature,” which allowed the driver head to be made larger. It also made the toe section of the driver stiffer, allowing engineers to use fewer “ribs” inside the driver head, saving weight from the design. Instead, TaylorMade added ribs to the outside of the driver head, where it could move CG lower and deeper in the club head and improve sound in the process.

The 2017 tour M2 heads have two sweet spots stamped on them, see below for a picture.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a custom build please email us!


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