Hey guys, we just wanted to update you on Tour Play for the 2017 season.  So far from what we have seen the 2017 M1 and M2 are dominating on tour.  There are approximately 20 2017 M2 in play in any given week, around 18 2017 M1 and then not surprisingly at all there is still 19 2016 M2 in play.  The 2016 M2 was a real winner, the fact that the 2016 M2 still gets that much play really says a lot.  Typically TM will try to steer the guys into the new model year driver.

We were told that the 2017 M2 had to be redone, as the tour feedback was not up to par.  From what we heard they had to redesign them completely and the new ones are being called Version 2, you can tell a V2 head by a K in the middle of the serial number. All of our M2s are currently the V2.  The best comparison we have heard so far is 2016 M2 to the 2017 M1.

As far as shafts there are a lot of Fujikura Atmos shafts in play, especially considering it just came out earlier this year.  There are already over 15 in play in any given week.  The most popular on tour has been the Atmos Blue. Then the Graphite Design DI continues its tour dominance, well over 25 in play in any given week.  T1100 still has a nice following at 12 or 13 players in any given week.  Then the new PX Evenflow is really picking up play.  It’s getting a couple new players every week and already has almost as many in play as the T1100.

If you have any questions as far as tour play or tour feedback please feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected].  We hope you enjoyed our blog and have a great day!