Fujikura has just released its newest shaft.  The Atmos Tour Spec.  The Atmos Tour Spec is a based off the old Motore Speeder, these are basically a new and improved Motore Speeder line.  Similar to the Speeder these are coming in three different profiles.  The black (low launch and spin,) the blue (mid launch and spin,) red (high launch and spin.)


So far from our feedback the blue has been the real winner of the three.  Same on tour, their PGA Tour rep has told us that “so far, the blue has been the “X” factor for him.  That seems to be the go to for most players in both the drivers and fairways.  All three weights have been really popular. “


Check out what our customers are saying.


Will - I got out today and played the new TM M1 with the black Atmos 7X. Shaft is really solid and the driver did really well for me. I just placed another order for the 3HL with the black atmos 80 TS.

-Tad in NC


Hey Will, 3 wood with that Atmos blue is a winner!!! Love that shaft. 

- Brent in IL


Hey Will,

Just wanted to say thanks for the Atmos TS black 6x. Was able to get her out to the range today and it was amazing! Thanks again may have to jump on a blue soon for a fairway.


Patrick in NH


Hey will went through the firing. Got to try my current EVOIII against the ATMOS. 

The ATMOS definitely gave me better numbers and results.  Plus the feel is so much better.

-Jaime G in TX


Will I did get the club, love it just what I was looking for, the shaft really is performing how I had hoped.  Thanks again!

-Robert in CA


Here is a list of players who were playing the Atmos at the Valspar,







Howell III








Aaron Baddeley *just picked one up in the past couple weeks

Brendon De Jonge * just picked one up in the past couple weeks

Michael Thompson * just picked one up in the past couple weeks

Kyle Reifers * just picked one up in the past couple weeks

Boo Weekley * just picked one up in the past couple weeks


If you have a question about the new Fujikura Atmos shaft please shoot us an email.  We would love to discuss your next build. If your interested in purchasing one go here