Attas Punch


The Attas punch is made of several high end modus materials, this results in a great feeling shaft with a mid to high launch and spin.  These have been picking up play on tour as well.   According to UST Mamiya’s Danny Le, the Attas Punch is designed for players looking for “a mid launch with a penetrating ballflight.”

Le says the key components to the Attas Punch are T1100G and material called “Nanoalloy,” a material developed through nanotechnology or the science of enhancing the strength of a structure at the molecular level through particles that can be ultra-small (one-billionth of a meter).

They come at 47” making them great for people desiring a longer build or for long drive guys. Check out this feedback from our customers.

 “So day one, first let me say I am not a big fan of the epic. I think the M2 head is still the best driver head out there. Even at 126 mph club head speed I don't believe I hit it and future then my M2 and I am more consistent with the tmade. Now the shaft however is pretty nice. It is stable yet I have the freedom to work the ball. Normally I have work to hit big draw on dog legs but I was hitting massive draws and cuts on command with the punch.”

-Shane in AZ


“Just wanted to shoot you a little follow up on the driver and 3-wood.  I have only managed to get a few range sessions with them so far because of the weather, but the initial impressions are very good.

The shafts feels very stable but yet smooth and with very good feel.

They seem to produce exactly the kind of ballflight I was looking for, mid penetrating flat flight with what looks like surprisingly low spin compared to what I was expecting. 

I was a little worried that they would spin to much but so far I have yet to have a ball balloon on me. I'm quite surprised actually, but in a very positive way. This coming from me who have played Diamana Whiteboard and Fuji Motore Speeder TS for the last 10 years. 

I still need more time with them as my swing is still a bit off, the weather is far from perfect and have yet not even started to tinker with the weights on the driver, but I have high hopes that these clubs are exactly what I was looking for.”

-Johan in Sweden