The Peoples Club is committed to carrying “Only the Best” and that’s why after tons of requests from our clients, hitting the product, and tour success, The Peoples Clubs is now carrying Cobra Golf.

Cobra Golf is based in Carlsbad, California, making it an American manufacturer of golf equipment. Cobra Golf is no stranger to the market, producing one of the first utility clubs in the 1970s, long before the use of such clubs became popular.

While Cobra Golf has rich history and has helped to build the industry into what it is today, they still manage to produce innovative products that continue to change the game. Their new F9 Speedback driver is the perfect example. The pros have already stocked their bags with this beauty and it has won several times on tour already.

Cobra says the F9 Speedback is the first driver ever to deliver an aerodynamic head and low center of gravity. That technology means the Cobra delivers a faster clubhead combined with less spin which means more distance.

The F9 is just as eye-catching as Cobra’s other products, sporting insane colors schemes--- but what makes this driver different is the genius technology muddled after supercars and their “aeroficiency.”

If you have a question regarding a Cobra Club or custom build, please email Will.  Or to see our current Cobra Inventory go here.