Even Flow


Project X has just released their newest shaft, the Even Flow!  The Even Flow comes in two distinct profiles, the Black which is low launch and spin and then the blue which is mid to high launch and mid spin.  These are quite possibly the best feeling shaft ever made, definitely the smoothest shaft Project X has ever made.   Every one of these is handcrafted in San Diego, CA.

They are getting tons of play on tour as well, including Adam Scott, Ernie Els, and several others.  The blue getting the majority of the play on and off tour, which is very telling.  Currently on tour the blue is getting 3 to 1 play over the black. The Even Flow is the fastest growing shaft on tour.  If you have any questions or would like a recommedation please email us

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Check out what some of customers had to say.


Hi Will,


I finally got a chance to get out on the course with the EvenFlow black. All I can say is wow I am impressed. It really feels great and just wants to go straight. I caught one on the heel a bit and instead of a hard fade it just barely drifted right of my line. This one may be in the bag for a while.


Thanks again,


Sean in CA


Good job on the new Even Flow Blue.......I must say that I am impressed.  The feel is much much much better than anything I ever hit from Project X.  I hit every single HZRDUS combination and they were great shafts but they are much harsher and don't even come close to the feel of even flow.  

These feel as good....maybe better than some of the Graphite Design shafts so there is no doubt this thing is a winner.  Really nice flight.....ball gets up quick but no ballooning and much easier to turn over......hzrdus was an anti left shaft for sure.  

-Brent in PA 

Did receive it, and put it into play this past weekend.  Thanks for the extra quick turnaround, Will.  It's really a pretty fantastic shaft, so far.  Flight seems pretty close to the HZRDUS Black, for me, but the feel is soooooo much better.

-Jeremy in IL

Initial thoughts:

Super smooth, loved the feel, and ball speed was higher than my current set up by 2-3 MPH.

Driver Thoughts:

Excellent feel and you could really tell the ball was jumping off the face with the shaft loading properly.

Height was pretty awesome. High Bombs.


Draw was so easy to hit and could really work it from right to left. Super high bomb draws. Definitely farther than my current setup.

3 Wood Thoughts:

Height was unbelievable! I was hitting the ball higher and farther than my current setup by 5-10 yards on average.  

Topped out at 275 carry and 135 height. I really enjoyed the height.

I did try my current shaft and was able to produce the ball flight i wanted but preferred the feel and distance of the EvenFlow much more. 


Absolute bomber off the tee. Nice high launch found the fairway when I needed to with the draw.

Overall Thoughts:

No other shaft comes close to the feel.

Ball speeds were consistently higher than my current setup. 

This shaft is going to be in a lot of players bags for the 2018 season. It's just that good!

-Tommy in NC