The Peoples Clubs is the leader in tour issue clubs and custom built equipment.  One of the tour services that we offer our customers is hot melting.  TPC has hot melted thousands of clubs; we have been doing it for over 10 years now!  Hot Melting seems kinda confusing but its really not.      

The process is pretty simple.  Hot melt is basically a hot glue that is placed inside the head.  It can be done for several reasons.  The number one reason its done is for feel, adding hot melt to the club will make the club feel more solid and muted; not quite as dingy sounding as a driver normally sounds.  If you have ever been to a PGA event or played with a PGA player you can tell when you hear them hit the ball.

Hot Melt can also be used to add weight, typically on tour that’s their go to method for adding weight.  Finally hot melt can be used to create a bias, with hot melt we can make the club go higher, lower, left or right.  We can also make the club more forgiving and lower spinning. 

We charge $50 for hot melting your club, that includes the work and the insured return shipping.    We offer discounts on multiple clubs as well.  Its free for any club purchased from us.  If you would like to discuss this with us please email us at [email protected]Also be sure to check out our video of Will hotmelting a couple tour clubs.