The Smoke Green is just the latest addition to the popular HZRDUS line and compliments the already released Smoke Yellow and Smoke Black shafts. We are extremely excited to add it to the inventory at The Peoples Clubs.

The HZRDUS Smoke Green shaft has come a long way since Project X first rolled out a blank prototype in 2018 in Punta Canta. Realizing the original prototype fell short of the manufacturer’s goal of creating a stiff shaft, Project X revamped it which resulted in superhuman strength.
Players testing out the Smoke Green commented “you basically have to be the Hulk to handle the shaft,” resulting in Smoke Green winning the unofficial nickname of “The Hulk.”

From a static standpoint (tip stiffness, CPM-wise), HZRDUS Smoke Green is fairly similar to HZRDUS T1100 in regards to tip stiffness, but from a dynamic standpoint, the shaft plays stiffer because it has more traditional weighting with a stiff butt and tip selection.

The Smoke Green shaft features a new Hexels HexTow HM63 fiber, which removes some of the boardy feel that has been associated with T1100 without sacrificing the overall stability andstiffness.

As the stiffest profile Project X has ever brought to Tour Smoke Green is almost two full flexes stuffer than the Grafalloy Blue shaft Henrik Stenson plays in his 3-wood, which used to be considered the stiffest shaft ever made.

As always, we have personally tested the Smoke Green in house and have to agree with the pros. The Shaft is incredible stiff and would make a great addition to any player’s bag.

Be sure to check out what some of our customers thought about the new HULK shaft below.  

"The Hulk Shaft is a true enigma for me, but in a good way. I am a brand loyalist to Graphite Design so dipping into the PX series was hard but definitely worth the effort for a club-ho like myself. Immediately upon hitting it I felt this was a much better performer overall than the T1100 (which I gamed in the past). It’s to me what the Matrix Ozik 6M and 7M shaft series were/are ten years ago. Bread and butter shafts that just want to launch low, fly far, and keep dispersion tighter than Tigers gratuity game. You really cannot “over swing” this shaft which is awesome for bigger guys that get hooky sometimes. It takes the left side out of play, which is what I wanted from the start. As you know I did go back to my roots with the Graphite Design Tour AD IZ in my Callaway Flash SZ and that’s a unicorn combo but in the event it acts up, I can sleep well at night with the Hulk on the bench."
-Cody in WI 
"Love it. It’s very straight. I feel like I can swing harder at it than my ad di shaft. Very hard to hit a hook which I was a fight. Feel of it is pretty good too for being extremely stiff."
-Tom in NY 
"I have really enjoyed the hulk. It looks fantastic and I’m getting great results. The profile seems to fit me very well and I’ve started hitting the driver really well again. It has really helped with the spin but I’m still hitting it high and flat. The great thing I really like about it is I can still turn it over while keeping that stiff/tight profile. I’d highly recommend it to anyone without hesitation!"
-Tyler in AL
"The hulk shaft is a monster. Really low spin and really nice lower launch. Not the lowest I have ever played but close. The feel is really good for a shaft with this profile. The one big thing I noticed was that this shaft just wants to go straight, so much so that I had to start changing some of my lines because the shaft didn’t want to turn over or cut. Hopefully that helps!"
-Michael in NC 
"Honestly I think it’s awesome! I had that TZ5 and liked it but the Smoke green is much more stable for me. And I was worried it might feel really harsh. Not at all. It’s actually very smooth and the color is unreal! Looks so cool."
-Cody in AK
"I would say it’s the best looking shaft (by far) out there right now. The PVD finish looks amazing. 
As far as performance, I’ve found it to be pretty much spot on as it’s described. It’s a very stiff shaft, but you can go after it as hard as you want and you know it can handle it. Low/mid launch, low spin balls without a lot of curvature...which is exactly what I was looking for."
-Ryan in MI
If you have any questions about the new Hulk shaft email Will, or go here to purchase.