Graphite Design just released their newest shaft, the Tour AD IZ.  The Tour AD IZ is very similar to the DI, however it has a slightly softer tip. What’s different is that the AD IZ doesn’t kick the way the AD DI does; it feels like the energy flows from the handle to the club head.  This is slightly unusual – it’s more common for a shaft to have that distinct bend point – but it’s a great feel once you get used to it.

According to Graphite Design, the Tour AD IZ falls somewhere between the higher launching DI and the lower launching TOUR AD TP, though its profile and performance are more similar to the former.  Techincally speaking this is accomplished by a slightly stiffer tip and mid section and then slightly softer butt section.  The IZ also has a higher balance point making it slightly counterbalanced, meaning it will work well in heavier retail heads and help the overall club to feel lighter.   

Construction-wise, the Tour AD IZ is made from 50-ton, aerospace-quality graphite. It also uses Torayca T1100 G pre-preg with “Nanoalloy,” which is incorporated into the tip-section of the shaft to promote increased stability. The stronger, lighter-weight material eliminates the need to use additional graphite material to stiffen the tip section, which promotes a better feel. The shaft will carry an MSRP of $500.

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“I’ve had the shafts now for four rounds.  They replaced my Tour AD DI 8 shafts in my Big Bertha Pro 3W & 5W. For me the Tour AD IZ 8 play like an upgrade to the AD DI 8.  I’m getting slightly lower launch, little less spin, better feel and longer distance over my AD DI.  For me it’s exactly what I was looking for- an upgrade of my favorite FW shafts with updated tech/materials.  Fantastic shafts and as always great service from Will at “The People’s Clubs”.  About me: my hdcp is upto 9 due to a lot less time to play/practice since I coach my boys sports teams, my avg driver ss is 112 mph. “

-Jeff in IN

“Hello just off 7 rounds of golf and absolutely love the IZ.  Especially in the 3 wood.”

- John in CT