The Peoples Clubs is excited to be adding the Miura K Grind 2.0 to our inventory. The “Original” Miura 1957 K-Grind Wedge was touted as one of the most iconic wedges ever produced by Miura with their signature "knuckles" or fluted sole which features three crescent cuts in the sole designed to keep the club moving through a variety of lies in sand or rough.

The new KG 2.0 builds off the original design but adds a more modern day grinding and milling technique. The new face milling pattern is intended to ensure consistent face flatness, precise groove patterns and surface roughness and does wonders to bring the wedge into modern standards.

With its innovative design, the KG 2.0 maintains Miura’s trademark level of superior quality and feel by being hand crafted throughout the entire manufacturing process forged at headquarters in Himeji, Japan, using the company’s 14-step forging process.

The K-Grind 2.0 Milled wedge is designed to provide maximum stability in just about any on-course situation and is available in five different loft options (52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°).

To purchase the new K Grind 2.0 go here!