Always searching to the latest and greatest, we are excited to announce the addition of Miura’s new TC-201 forged cavity-back irons to our inventory. Designed to have the playability of a blade iron, but with more forgiveness, these new irons draw on inspirations from past designs. 

The TC-201 irons’ have shallow cavities and sharp toplines, something you may remember from Miura’s CB 1008 iron. The new design is forged from S25C soft carbon and have a clean and crisp feel. 

To help with shots hit off-center, each TC-201 has a little extra weight added to the heel and toe sections. They also feature a low center of gravity with the intent to help golfers produce higher ball flights. 

The minimal offset and smooth connection from hosel to topline make up for the extra forgiveness the TC-201 has when compared to Miura’s MC-101 blade irons. 

For Katsuhiro Miura’s sons Shinei and Yoshitaka, the TC-201 is yet another testament to the family’s principles of striving for constant improvement and building on a legacy rooted in Japanese manufacturing excellence.

If you are interested in purchasing please go here.  Or email us to discuss your next build. Or see below to see what some of our customers thought. 

"They are awesome! Perfect blend of a players look with forgiveness while retaining that feel Miura is known for."

-Luke in AL
"The feel and turf interaction is amazing and it’s more forgiving than you would think. Obviously it doesn’t hurt that they look great."
-Preston in GA
"I was skeptical initially that these 201s would have the same signature miura feel as the older models. Comparing to the feel of my miura baby blades and CB57s, the 201 had the same soft pure miura feel. Blindfolded, I couldn’t tell you which was which when it comes to feel. One of the Biggest surprises was how compact they looked at address. At first I was curious if they would be forgiving due to the compact head shape at address. I had a hard time missing a ball more the 5-7 yards left or right of target. Extremely stable head on mishits. Side by side with my CB57s, difficult to tell difference in top line. Main difference was a little bit longer blade length in the 201. Cliche but, the 201 felt like cheating. Had a golf buddy hit the 201 who had heard of miura irons in the past but had never tried a set. His first words after 5-6 swings, “Where can I get a set? I’ve never felt an iron that seemed so soft on every strike... the hype is real.” 

Ball Flights we’re very predictable. Had no problem shaping the ball and flighting it down. I decided after hitting the 201 and putting it through its paces, it may be time to hang up the CB57s and go for a set of TC201s that have just as clean of look at address with even more forgiveness all while looking like a tour inspired head. 

From a shelf appeal standpoint, miura did a great job of making these irons look very clean as miura is known for doing. If you’re looking for a true blade, the mb-101 is obviously the better option but I could see these being great as a full set or a combo with that Mb irons to help the top end of the bag. If you can put your purist self aside and look solely at performance, the TC201 won’t disappoint. I looked for something I didn’t like about the TC201 and honestly, I’d be hard pressed to have anything to complain about. Hats of to miura for making yet another incredible iron."
-Skylar in WA
"I was introduced to Miura golf three years ago when I began to test the CB-1008 irons. After a few hits, I knew these were the clubs that I had been searching for most of my amateur golf career. I was so satisfied with the playability of these clubs, I needed to acquire a backup set. Unfortunately, I learned that Miura was discontinuing these irons. I was told by Miura that they were coming out with a new iron this year. After communicating with Will, I ordered the new Miura TC-201. These clubs had big shoes to fill, but they have been fantastic. They are such a beautiful looking iron, probably my favorite Miura head design so far. They checked all the boxes, players cavity with minimal offset, playability of a blade, great forgiveness, incredible feel, ability to manipulate flight, and performance second to none. One surprise was how much my ball speed has increased playing the same setup I had in the CB-1008. These clubs look very traditional, but packed with technology. It will take a lot to get these clubs out of my bag. I think with the TC-201, you will see a lot of new Miura players on the course this year. Thanks for the great build as usual Will!"
-Jay in PA