The Peoples Club is constantly talking to customers to learn more about what you need and what you want to see in our shop. That is exactly why we are proud to announce that we are now carrying New Level Golf Irons and Wedges. After hearing a lot of good things from our customers and our tour sources, we tested the entire lineup in house and were very impressed, so we added it to our inventory.

New Level Golf founder Eric Burch got his start in the industry nearly the same way as TPC Founder Will Peoples – as a teenager just messing around with golf clubs for hours on end in the garage. Burch learned what made golf clubs work – or what made them not work – because he took them apart and then rebuilt them. He learned the clubs from the inside out. He worked his way up through the industry by starting off by fitting platers into multiple brands, worked as an exec for several big-name companies in the industry and helped to create game changing parts for club fitting before embarking into the equipment business.

New Level targets customers who want the name brand clubs – but might not be able to afford it. New Level’s products are an alternative choice to some of the higher-end irons and wedges. Keeping with TPC’s motto “Only the Best” despite New Level being more affordable for the average golfer, customers aren’t having to skimp on quality.

New Level’s current offerings consist of three iron models and a wedge.  All clubs are forged from 1020 soft carbon steel and then CNC-milled to precise loft, lie and weight specifications. New Level realizes some cost savings on the production end by weight-sorting rather than manufacturing to struct weight tolerances and can more precisely build clubs which are over/under standard lengths and maintain typical swing weights without other modifications, such as tip weights.

As always these will come built in house to your specs by our trained staff of master club builders.  We also have demos available for all of their products.  So if you would like to discuss a build or try a demo please email Will.  Or to check out collection of New Level clubs go here.