Fourteen’s Signature Reverse Muscle Design, the same reverse muscle design that made their wedges such a hit on the worldwide tours is back in full effect with the RM-22 Tour RAW. By moving the mass up to the top section of the blade Fourteen was able to raise the center of gravity.  This creates more stable, higher spinning, and more consistent performance. 

Our feedback on these has been very good.  These will come built to your specs with the shaft of your choice.  To purchase them go here.

See below for what some of our customers thought.

My review will cover a Fourteen Golf RM-22 58* wedge built to specs consistent with my bag. A little additional background about my perspective as a player will help decode some relative descriptive terminology in my evaluation of this club. I would describe myself as a student of the game. I am an above average ballstriker with tourish impact positioning. My iron/wedge misses tend to be tempo and alignment related resulting with poor club face alignment and or to steep of angle of attack (aoa). It should be noted that I was not able to test this club on any type of modern launch device so I will not make a claim of higher or lower spin production that the manufacturer claims is possible from this wedge design. I will divide my evaluation of the club into several sections, then give a brief summary of my opinion.

Looks: This is a very relative subject. The club is a classic shape, similar to 90s  bob vokey designs. I see some roger Cleveland in the head shape as well. Logos and badging are simple. The higher center of gravity groove/ weight displacement is noticeable but not offensive to the eye. The club also seems to have a extra long hosel. The most interesting appearance attribute I noticed was how thin the area at the bottom of the hosel and club face were. 

Feel: Balance seems to be toe heavy. Solid contact results in expected "forged" feel. My ball and shaft combo with this head is ( for me) a solid somewhat soft feeling at impact with visually high energy transfer to the ball. Overall I would say with my set -up this club feels hot. 

Full swing performance: I tend to have two shot shapes, low two groove contact results in low ball flight , estimated peek height no more then 30'. This low shot is high spin with zero rollout. Second shot is a typical high trajectory wedge shot drop and stop. I would need deeper investigation to compare the high trajectory shot with my other set up to say if it's higher or lower more or less spin. Overall, combined with the hot feel distance gapping at 70-100 yds (depending on grip position) the above stated goal is met. Additional work needs to be done to find out how to hit the low launch shot on command. 

Short game: partial shots from inside 70 are as expected with any well-made modern club. I did notice when I would make a swing with poor aoa the club face would not twist very much, I would still have the "bad shot" vibration indicating a poor swing. It is easy to hit open face flop type shots because of the heavy toe. My club has some of the worst bunkers around, in clay mud traps that bounce like crazy this club (even with 12* bounce) did not "jump up" in the sand. I look forward to testing in closer to "tour" quality sand as soon as possible. Overall this club works for me on most stock short game shots excluding long bump and runs... again the above stated goal is accomplished.  

Conclusion: I think this is a excellent club, better then the 16 and 17 year vokey's and other major OEM wedge offerings. I accomplished the goal in replacement. It should also be noted I did personal re grinds of the two Nike two sweep wedges that this club replaced. This club does not have a "milled" face, and considering how soft the metal in the head is I am concerned about spin performance declining with wearing. From what I could tell this club is very competitive in spin production. For me the grind is the best option available of the rack. This club is a absolute winner and worth a trying for anyone. 

 - Paul in OR

I have been playing the 56/12 RM-22 RAW wedge with an S400 Onyx shaft for a few months.  I am a fan of Fourteen’s irons and previous wedges; the RM-22 Raw wedge does not disappoint!  When I received the wedge, I noticed that the appearance of the wedge was different than other raw wedges I own from other manufacturers.  The grain structure looked much tighter and the entire clubbed looked like a surgical instrument rather than a golf club. The club now has a smooth, dark patina to it that looks awesome at address and in the bag.  Happily, the feel and performance of the club matches the aesthetic.  If you like lots of heal grind on your wedge and a fairly narrow sole with some bounce, you’ll love the 56/12.  The heel grind and narrowness of the sole allow it to play equally well from most lies, including tightly mown areas.  It is very easy to slightly open the club face and hit low spinners that stop almost where they land.  I know grooves are closely scrutinized by the USGA and all the manufacturers have to work within a narrow specification.  However, there is something about the Fourteen groove/clubhead design that seems to spin the ball just a bit more than other wedges on pitches and chips.  The 56/12 has become my favorite wedge in my bag.  When my current gap and lob wedges wear out, I plan to replace them with RM-22 raw wedges. 

-Harrison in SC