The Peoples Club is now carrying Super Speed Golf, the fastest way to increase your club speed. The training system is taking the golf industry by storm with hundreds of pros putting it to work. From Phil Mickelson to Paul Casey to Brian Gay, the list of professionals onboard testing the effectiveness of the system is impressive to say the least.

SuperSpeed Golf is the first training tool The Peoples Club has added to the inventory, but it won’t be the last. Drawn to SuperSpeed’s desire to help any and every player hit the ball further, TPC is impressed with the training system’s effectiveness.

The SuperSpeed team has been working with the concepts of overspeed training for several years with private clients before bringing the idea to market. The idea of using lighter weight clubs in specific training proved that swing speed can be increased and biomechanics efficiency of the swing can be maximized. Those concepts work to improve consistency in ball shrinking and reduces the most common swing flaws.

After determining the optimal weighting breakdown for the SuperSpeed Golf Clubs, the company created themes effective training protocols to catapult a player’s progress, resulting in the SuperSpeed Golf Men’s Training System TPC is now offering to customers.

Check out what some of our customers have been saying about this new training aid.

"Amazing, by far the best training aid I have ever used. I've picked up 5mph swing speed in the first month of using it."

- Joseph in IL

“I am definitely a believer in the system, it gets results and I was swinging the club faster after 2-3 weeks of using it. I was in places off the tee that I was not in prior to using it. I do feel that it is something you have to stay on top of though or you lose your gains. I have been busy traveling for work and haven’t been using it the past 4-5 weeks and it feels like I am back to my normal speed. This is not a knock on the product at all and makes total sense. I would definitely recommend it and think it’s a great product that works if you are willing to put in the time and effort.”

-Jon in NC

If you have any questions about the Super Speed Training System please email us.  Otherwise to purchase go here.