The Graphite Design TP shaft has been one of our top selling shafts this year.  These are basically a new and improved DI.  They added the Toray T1100 graphite and also stiffened the profile a little bit.  They now have a slightly stiffer butt and mid section.  The feedback on these has been amazing.  For anyone looking for a stable mid to high launching shaft with lowish spin these are definitely one to consider.

The TP is also offered in a 40 gram and 50 gram version.  These are getting great feedback as well.  They are even higher launching however these versions will spin a little more. 

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Check out this review from golfwrx on them.

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Check out these reviews from our customers.

“I've already played a few rounds with it and love it. Thanks again.”

Chad in VA


“I went out and played with the new shaft today. I shot a 75 which is good for me this time of the year. I think I am going to like the shaft. Thanks for you help, you were great to deal with.”

Ronny in NC


Btw. That TP shaft has to be the best I’ve ever used… it allows me to work the ball left and right and bear down if needed with out over directing the ball either way!! What a perfect shaft for my swing!

-Sam in VA


Awesome shaft my man.  Love the TP.  Maybe the best GD has developed.  Love the feel of it. 

-Steve in WV


I've played two rounds with the AD TP and absolutely love it. It is pretty similar to the DI but I'd say it is a bit more stable. The feel at impact is a little different, I would call it a crisper feeling if that makes sense. Still smooth as can be but it just felt more stable, which I prefer. It seemed to launch a bit lower than the DI for me. I hope to get some numbers on it this week if I get time but on course results so far will keep it in the bag for some time. It has been fantastic!

-Drew in MI


Graphite Design TP 7X-TP8X. I can’t say enough about this shaft – in terms of the Graphite Design lineup, it has to be my favorite shaft. I've played DI and GP before finally settling on TP. The feel is tremendous smooth and the ball really explodes off face. Hence numerous 1.52 smash factor with Trackman and Flightscope and increased ball speed.  I may play around with adding a bit more loft to bring up the launch and maximize carry, but the consistency factor and ballspeed increases alone make this my gamer. I would challenge anyone who likes a smooth shaft but with plenty of stability to give the TP a try.

-Josh in AL