The new titleist 917 drivers and fairways have been released and are in stock here at TPC.  We have all of the shafts available as well.  See here for the driver, and here for the fairways. We also have the hybrids, if your interested in those just shoot us an email.  The surfeit CG has made the drivers heavier than previous years, because of this we recommend going with a shorter length or a counterbalanced shaft.  They are lower launching then the 915 but spin is slightly higher as a result we have seen higher spin players do best with a low spinning shaft. The 917 is much better feeling and sounding then the 915 was. 

This year they changed the name of the fairways, the F is now the F2 and the FD is now the F3.  Meaning the F3 is the smaller more compact head with a deeper face.  The F3 is also lower launching and spinning.  Both of these new 917 fairways are very long!  Check out what one of our customers said about the 917 we built for him.  “Got the club yesterday love it! Probably the best 3wd I’ve ever hit– thanks for taking care of that for me and sending the swag.” –Bryan in CA.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss your next build please email us.