M1 Driver vs. M2- M2 is dominating, 5 or 10 more M2s in play on any given week.  That’s a lot of drivers considering they only came out a couple weeks ago. DJ put a new M2 10.5 with Speeder Evolution in play this week to go along with his M2 16.5 3 wood.

M1 FW vs. M2 FW- M1 is dominating, twice as many M1 Fairways in play this week.

M2 Hybrid- still not many on tour right now, only a couple in play this week.

PXG- I was surprised to see how many are on tour now.  In any given week there’s 10 to 15 PXG clubs in play.  That’s pretty impressive IMO.

HZRDUS- tons of play on tour, about 40 of these on tour this week, split evenly between the black, red, and yellow.  I would say these shafts are dominating the PGA Tour so far this year.

Rogue- Not as many people playing the rogue this year.  It seems a lot of them have transitioned to the Chrome Platinum or the HZRDUS Black.

Chrome Platinum- these are picking up a lot of play on tour.  Jason Gore put one in play this week.  I was talking to the UST Tour Rep, Pat Dempsey, about the new Chrome Platinum and the HE.  He was saying the Platinum is quite possibly the best shaft UST has ever made.  He said they are getting great feedback on tour, 90% of the players he has fit into this shaft have put it in play.  The chrome platinum is a premium shaft made of 90t carbon, super stable, low launch and spin.  There are also a few of the new Helium shafts making it on tour, Steve Bowditch has been experimenting with one, as has Derrick Fathauer.  The Helium is a lightweight high launching shaft.  There is also a Chrome Gold on tour that’s starting to pick up some play.

There are still a lot of Graphite Design DI shafts on tour, no surprise there.  Matsuyama is playing the tour only DI 9X. A few of the new GPs are also making into some guys bags, as is their new Tour HY.  Erik Compton and Ernie Els are both playing the new GP.

Speeder Evolution is very popular on tour again.  There are 40+ on tour this week. I did notice that Fredrick Jacobsen put one of the Speeder Platinum’s in play this week.  These are also made of 90T carbon.  Steve Stricker put a whole bag of fuji shafts in play this week, 7.2 TS, 8.2 TS and a 9.2 TS.  The original motore speeder Tour Spec still gets a lot of play on tour, especially the 9.2. 

Finally the new Mitsubishi Tensei is picking up a lot of play.  Theres about 10 of these on tour this week.  It seems as if they are picking up another 2 or 3 every week.