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Fujikura PRO Iron

Fujikura Ventus (Red, Blue, or Black)

Fujikura Ventus (Red, Blue, or Black)

Fujikura Speeder TR

This is for a custom built Fujikura Speeder TR. This will come custom built to your specs with the tip and grip of your choice. As always everything we sell comes with a satisfaction guarantee.
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Introducing New Fujikura Speeder TR Shaft which born from tour player request. It is a new lower launch and lower spin speeder series shaft.

Fujikura pursued a new and improved EI profile for the top players in the world to maximize their power through improved kick speed. By stiffening the middle section of the shaft and providing the proper bending on Butt and Tip side, it achieves more carry and total distance with a Mid-low launch and low spin. New multi-plied hoop layers and 90-ton carbon fiber provide better stability and clubhead speed.

TR was developed with Tour players in mind. Fujikura Tour rep was looking for a shaft profile to give the players more control and consistency. Extensive testing with Tour players took place until Fujikura Tour reps achieved the results they were looking for.

The goal of TR was to generate kick speed through a new EI profile with a stiff mid section, but softer butt and tip for extra acceleration of the clubhead to the ball. This new EI resulted in better speed at impact combined with lower launch and spin to suit Tour player swings.

Compared to Speeder Evolution TS (which has a similar kick point), The Speeder TR has a more effective loading zone (softer handle) to store more energy in the downswing translating to more clubhead speed and better launch.

By applying multi hoop plied structure technology and 90tons carbon sheet, it balances better stability and driving performance.

This shaft will be brand new and comes custom built to your specs in house by a trained member of our staff. This will come with a tip of your choice and a grip of your choice.  If you have any questions please ask.

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