Due to the continued high demand across the golf industry, there is a potential shortage of grips.  Though we will continue to make every effort to procure and install the intended grip, we may on occasion need to substitute a different grip.  Please also note that not all items marked in stock are currently available. If you have any questions about a turnaround of an order please email us.

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Peoples Clubs

Hot Melt is a process of adding an adhesive to the inside of a golf club head. This is done to most if not all tour clubs.  Its used mostly for feel and sound dampening.  However it can also be used to create a bais or add weight.  We are one of the best at doing this service. 
Hot Melt- $50 per club 
Hot Melt treatment is used in touring professionals clubs to add weight, create a bias, repair or prevent rattles, promote a better feel and also to mute the sound.  The Peoples Clubs can do this tour service for you for $50. This is done on any new club purchased from us for FREE. To see a video of Will hot melting a club or to purchase please go here.
Peoples Clubs

Here is what a few of our customers thought:
"I finally got to get out and hit both drivers you hot melted for me.  I really like both of them.  The Rogue feels awesome and I love the sound of that hot melted head.  Thanks again!" - Ryan in New England.
"I once thought that hot melting was a luxury only for professional golfers. Now I can't imagine hitting a driver without it. The amazing feel and sound of the hot melted club inspire confidence with each swing"  -Jason in Tennessee 

"The difference was night and day, the feel and sound are 10 times better.  Thanks again guys." -Mike in Florida