When the P770s arrived at The Peoples Golf headquarters we were anxious to see how TaylorMade had managed to improve their performance. Designed to be slight smaller than the P790s, they didn’t disappoint. 

TaylorMade have changed the looks of this iron from looking like a P750 to now being a cross between P790s and the new P7MB irons. The P770 is the better looking sibling to the P790.  

Most noticeable are the thinner top line and smaller face.  There is also less offset, but the difference is quite small.  In the broader scope, the TaylorMade P770 is passable as a players iron, but it’s substantially bigger than the P7MC. The P770 has the clean appearance of a blade iron from the back, and from address, it maintains sharper line associated with a players club.

TaylorMade didn’t just change the look of the P770 to appeal to better players, they also dialed in the sound and feel.  Where the P790 was very crisp and snappy with a fast face, the P770 is quieter with a solid impact feel.  It’s neither hard nor soft, but contact has a satisfying, connected feel. This iron is about precision without sacrificing distance.

First things first, the P7MCs are meant to be a simple, compact and a purists iron aimed at golfers seeking feel and precision so that you know exactly what the ball is going to do before you even look up. The P7MCs come off the back of the very successful P750 irons used by recent major winner Collin Morikawa and former World Number One Jon Rahm.

TaylorMade engineers have put a little more mass up behind the face in a new 'backbar geometry' which adds stability at the point of impact and improves the feel. The P7MCs have been grain forged using a 2,000 tonne press which ensures that the grain structure is tighter and more compact, again enhancing the feel and providing more consistent feel too.

To purchase the P770 please go here, to purchase the P7MC go here. Or if you would like a recommendation please email us.  Or to see what some of our other customers thought see below. 

“Bag appeal is top notch - they are beautiful from all angles especially paired with those BB&F Ferrules. Feel is great for a hollow body club and the distances, spin and forgiveness are tremendous. I have really enjoyed hitting them.”

-Luke in AL 

“As solid as they are beautiful. A very playable club that’s a bit longer than expected. My four ball partner borrowed the set, and I am having difficulty getting them back. Enough said.“

-Russ in GA 

“I find that they are only a few irons made in recent years that really has made me went in awe. The rest are really just hype and made no significant impact to the iron industry.”

-Jag in Singapore

“My impression thus far (into a net using a Mevo) is the 770s are great for those who like a more traditional blade look than the 790s offer and are willing to trade it for a touch less of that 790 forgiveness on the mishits.”

-Jon in CT