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Tour Issue Advantage


Peoples Clubs

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Tour Issue Clubs vs Retail Clubs. Retail Clubs are designed for the average customer and are often average at everything, which makes them ideal for very little. The difference between Tour Issue Clubs over Retail Clubs is all in the details.  Retail clubs can be very misleading.  The tolerances allowed on retail clubs are 10 times greater then tolerances allowed for on tour vans.  With a retail club if it is stamped 10.5 and is supposed to be 1.5 open, it may very well be 9.6, and 2.5 open.  Tour Issue Clubs are unique with laser precision. Every specification on a tour issue club is measured, and marked. But it doesn’t stop there; then they COR test the clubs, making sure the face is not too hot and ensuring they are eligible for use on tour.  Tour Issue Clubs are also hot melted specifically for each player.  While hot melt can be used to do many things, create a draw, fade, lower or high spin, it’s mostly used for feel to give the golfer exactly what they need. 

The Tour Issue advantage isn’t limited to clubs. There are also some clubs, shafts, and finishes that are tour only.  Often times, companies will release a heavier shaft for a tour player or maybe a lower lofted driver thats generally not available to the public.  Furthermore, several OEMs will make tour only models that are smaller, have a fade bias, or are completely different from the retail offerings. These clubs were designed for tour use only and will never be released to the public.  Ask anyone who has played a tour issue golf club, there is no comparison.

Peoples Clubs


 “Will is one of the best in the business! Top notch tour issue equipment and service as well.  I've been a repeat customer and do not hesitate bringing my business back to him.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking to step up their game with top quality tour issue gear.  Thanks again Will!!!”
 -Patrick from California

"Played very well yesterday the irons feel awesome shot 2 over 74. Cold windy 31 degrees had a blast!! Thanks again for everything I now carry your driver 3 wood and irons that you did for me. Your work and knowledge is second to none."
 - David in Pensylvania 

"I simply cannot tell you how pleased I am with this club. It is FLAT OUT amazing and will be a game changer for me. I hit it today for the first time and got the coveted high bomb that I’ve been looking for."
-Tyler in Washington

"Anytime I want a new club or shaft Will is the only person I call. He has a unique combination of knowledge and customer service that is exactly what I'm looking for and hard to find. The product he delivers is also second to none. Thanks for all the sweet sticks Will!"
- Tripp in NC