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  • What is the difference in a tour issue club versus a retail club?
  • Can you do other club work such as regripping, reshafting, repair, etc.?

Yes, we can do anything.

  • Where do you get your clubs? 

Our clubs are purchased through several tour sources.  These can be Tour Vans, Tour Players, OEM's, Caddies, and Tour Insiders.  If you are a player looking to get a quote on some clubs you have to sell please email us, we are always looking to buy. 

  • Can you ship International?

Yes, we can ship international.  We also offer several expedited services.

  • How can I know if a golf club is a counterfeit?

This is becoming much tougher, most importantly buy from a well known US seller with a great reputation, like us!  

  • Does this club have a T Serial number?
           No Taylormade hasn't used a T serial in several years.  There are several other ways to identify a club as                Tour Issue. 
  • Do you have a return policy?

Yes we offer a full satisfaction guarantee on everything we sell.

  • Does the club come with a warranty?

Yes, every club we sell comes with a full one year warranty.  This covers the driver as well as the install.  OEM's will not warranty the tour clubs.  We are the only company in the business to warranty tour clubs. 


If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Our mission at The Peoples Clubs is to inspire golfers to become great by equipping them with the best golf clubs available.