When Mitsubishi Chemical Golf introduced the TENSEI AV Blue shaft in 2019, it was an immediate hit with golfers—instead of stopping there, which would have been just fine considering the success of the shaft – Mitsubishi upped their game with the Tensei AV Raw by designing a shaft with ultralight carbon fiber materials, but with a heavier per ton weight. This simple change leverages the success of the firmer feel in the butt and midsection of the Tensei AV Blue, but creates a lighter yet stronger staff for stronger players to really get behind the series. 

The new material used to make the AV Raw shaft is thinner, the butt diameter was in size as well, giving the shaft a smooth feel with just as much stability and control, which our customers defintiely have noticed. The material made it possible for Mitsubishi to focus on making the shaft more stable toward the grip, which in turn treats players to consistency when it comes to ball striking.

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"I think my net review is that it performs about the same as the white but feels a little better in the hands. To me it feels like it’s a little smoother to load but stil launches low with the right spin."

- Thomas in NY

“I loved the shaft initially and was seeing some of the furthest drives of my life! I made some swing changes and it unfortunately was too high launching for me.  If you need a shaft that is LONG and is truly mid-flight this is the one to try.”

-Evan in MA

“The AV Raw white has been great!  Even better than my Tensi CK Orange.  Longer and Straighter.”

-Jeff in TX

“The Orange RAW was an easy upgrade. Used the Pro version beforehand and find numbers to be similar but with a smoother feel and seemingly more stability when stepping on it. 

The White RAW has been great in the 3W. Very stable shaft and keeps flight in desired window. Only hit the Pro version a few times, so hard to compare apples to apples, but suspect it to be smoother as well.”

-Will in CT

“I can say is that the shaft feels stabile and is not overly stiff (smoother than expected), but doesn't have a huge kick in it and the spin (with the range balls) seems to be low but who the heck knows...

Trajectory is low-mid category, compared to my current gaming shaft HZRDUS T1100 75g 6.5 flex, which is very stiff, extreme low trajectory and boardy feeling but very stabile and tough to shape the shot. The AV Raw White is way easier to curve the ball.”

- Jukka in Finland

“Overall Great shaft. Has taken me a little time and reps to get use to. At first I thought the TX was a little too stiff but now I think it will handle all I throw at it. I  would say for me it is a slightly lower than mid launching shaft, penetrating ball flight for sure, low spin and I get nice roll out.  I was not seeing this in my M2 with the Speeder 661 TX Tour spec.

Very Smooth and Stable, may take a little time to get accustomed to how it loads.

The Sim 3 wood and 5 woods are absolute bombs for me in the 75TX.. great combo. May wish for a little more height and spin with the 5 wood, but need more time and reps to truly determine. 3 wood of the tee is magic. Very easy to hit both off the deck or fairways. 

Lastly, great looking- love the graphics. Well Done Mitsubishi.”

-Ron in NC  

“Anyone who wants what I would call the TPO on a slightly softer feeling profile or a bit more spin then the original should check this thing out. Same goes for anyone that liked the TPB or the KKXT and was interested in what it felt like to have something a bit more counterbalanced. People should not be afraid of this if they didn’t fit into the TPO. Also don’t be afraid of more weight here!  Everyone of my buddies that swung it and looked at it could believe that it was a high 70s gram shaft. I feel like Mitsu did a great job of making this more playable and have the ability to have it fit into more bags. It’s a solid performer and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in more Pro bags.”

-Doug in IL