Just when ACCRA is experiencing their most successful release ever, The Peoples Club is excited to be adding their new products to our inventory. The TZ5 and TZ6 are making headlines and grabbing the attention of just about everyone in the industry and after getting them into our hands, we can see why!

The most exciting thing about the TZ5 and TZ6 shafts isn’t how quickly tour players are snatching them up, but rather how the average everyday player are the target market and the ones who set to benefit the most from these incredible creations.

The thing that makes ACCRA unique is that they aren’t bound by mass production and trying to create a “catch-all” product. They specialize in catering to specific needs and wants in the industry and designing products that intentionally address targeted aspects of a golfers game.

Both of the new shafts feature the wide range of weights and flex variations Accra has been known for in its line that exclusively services the clubfitting community, however, both shafts differentiate themselves by implementing softened sections that put an emphasis on feel.

The TZ5 was deemed “the evolution” by Gawain Robertson, co-owner and founder of PGMC/ACCRA. Roberston refers to the evolution of the shaft’s design because it strays from the typical feel. The TZ5 has a lower launch, with a slightly softer butt and mid-section, but its combined with an extremely stiff tip section. The stiffer tip allows players trying to control their tee shots experience a high-speed and lower spin.

The TZ6 is a completely different beast. Once again with a non-traditional approach, this shaft is more appealing to fast-swinging tour players – but offers the same benefits for average golfers. The TZ6 has a more responsive tip section and a design that exudes elite. While aspects of the TZ6 appeal to both tour players and the average golfer, the benefits for both groups differ – although the result – higher launch and a more stable flight – are the same.