Golfers looking to increase ball speed while lowering spin need to look no further than Graphite Design’s all new Tour AD HD.

These shafts are engineered to maintain the smooth feel and stability you need, while launching the ball faster than ever before.  

The materials used in the Tour AD HD include TORAYCA M40X carbon-fiber material from the midsection to the tip of the shaft. The TORAYCA M40X was specifically used in the design process because it offers high compression strength and high tensile modulus. The shaft also uses TORAYCA T1100G carbon-fiber in the tip section to maximize stability and control. 

The Tour AD HD profile offers a firm butt section, firm midsection, and what the designers at Graphite Design call firm+ tip to create mid-launch lower spin.

Starting with looks, no big changes to report, outside of a slightly pearlescent look to go along with a powder blue. Other than that the HD retains the Graphite Design signature look.  

The feel of the HD is also typical of what we’ve come to associate with Graphite Design: a very smooth, but not whippy action through impact; the HD having a mid-flight & kick to match the Company’s description. IMO, I would compare it to the AD DI, but a little more stout & a kick point ever so slightly further away from the handle. 

To purchase the new Graphite Design HD please go here.  Or if you would like a recommendation please email us.  Or to see what some of our other customers thought see below. 

“Overall, the shaft does as intended with its mid-trajectory, almost boring ball flight. To me the HD would be better-suited for someone with a less-aggressive transition, as I found the faster the transition the harder it was to time the shaft release. However, it will vary person to person & is merely an objective opinion.”

-BJ in IN 

"One of if not the best Graphite Design shaft I have ever hit."

-Dewayne in FL

"Finally got some work in with the HD. Mid launch with low/mid spin. Shaft feels super stable but smooth at the same time, much like many other Graphite Design shafts. Not boardy at all. The T1100G material in the tip really allows this shaft to shine when you go after it. Looks amazing in person too. I was launching the TSi3 around 2300rpm 14 launch, 275 carry 295 total. Super playable. I could work the ball both ways, and eliminate the left side if needed. This shaft rewards good swings, while not penalizing less favorable strikes. Still in the honeymoon phase but this combo should stay in my bag for a while."

-Nathaniel in TN