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The Peoples Club is excited to be expanding our brand by adding the entire lineup of LA Golf Shafts. Shying away from the conventional, LA Golf strays away from the ordinary and creates specifically player-engineered shafts to promise the closest thing to the real deal on the market.  

Founded by LA Golf Partners (LAGP), LA Golf Shafts designs develops and manufactures performance-driven and technologically advanced shafts in partnership with some of the top players in the game.
LA Golf Shafts recently bought the rights and company from the now-defunct Matrix shaft which will allow them to now be carrying a few of the best Matrix Shafts on the market including the White Tie, Red Tie, and Black Tie and TP7HDE.

Staying true to their innovative business model, LA Golf will continue working with several PGA Pros including Bryson Dechambeau to develop some new shafts that should be coming to market in the next few years. LA Golf promised to design shafts in conjunction with player partners such as Dechambeau to create shafts that are actually played and then bring them to market. 
The first new addition to the LA Golf lineup is their TP putter shaft which was designed entirely with the help of Dechambeau. They have extended this shaft and now offer it in a 46” raw shaft length so you can use it in any putter. The Peoples Club have these shafts in stock right now if you are looking to pick one up.

We are one of the top LA Golf Dealers! Every shaft we sell comes with a full warranty, and satisfaction guarantee. We also price match all shafts so if you can find a better price email us.