Mizuno claims that the new Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro irons deliver their fastest ever ball speeds, with a straight ball flight and 'controllable' landing angles — so the pros at Peoples Golf tested them out to find out.  

The Mizuno JPX921 Forged irons are a redundant entry in the JPX921 line up.  Lots of overlap with other JPX921 and MP-20 irons.  Not in a bad way, they are very much typical Mizuno irons, just not unique.

The Seamless Cup Face has a variable thickness sole design, which allows the leading edge to act as a hinge and produces greater flex at impact, keeping up ball speeds on strikes that are down towards the bottom of the face. There is also a stability frame with extreme perimeter weighting towards the toe to aid off centre strikes, however this isn’t as much as previous models and weight can be moved to behind the hitting zone.

Compared to the MP-20 range, Mizuno are suggesting that you should see a straighter, higher ball flight and a slightly more forgiving head shape.

Both the Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro irons are made from the same Chromoly material but the Pro has a visibly shorter blade length, smaller sole and thinner top edge. The difference between the Forged and Hot Metal Pro is quite small: 2mm of blade length and 1mm of top line thickness. 

The JPX921 Forged irons are made with Chromoly 4120 which allowed Mizuno to make the face very thin.  This gives these irons high ball speed.

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"The 921's live up to the Mizuno name, buttery feel and a perfect blend of workability and forgiveness for the advanced golfer that doesn't necessarily want to make the jump to blades. In terms of build quality, every club gives you the sense that detailed time and care was taken to produce a uniform feeling set from wedge to long iron. Knowing exactly what you're getting with each club makes the custom build overwhelmingly worth it."

- Adam in GA

"Though they have a great profile and provide a good bit of forgiveness for the size.”

-Cort in FL