The Titleist TSi was the most played driver on the PGA Tour, and honestly, with the diversity in the line up, that makes perfect sense. 
That new matrerial is ATI 425, a titanium alloy produced in a single foundry in Pittsburgh by Allegheny Technologies Inc. Deployed in the design of the Mars Lander’s thermal and evolved gas analyzer in 2007, Titleist later used the alloy in its experimental Concept C16 driver in 2016 to make a crown that was only 0.3 millimeters thick, still the thinnest crown on the market. This is the first time the alloy has been used in a face, according to Dan Stone, Titleist’s senior vice president of golf club R&D.

While the use of ATI 425 provided the foundation for more speed for the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers, it also opened up new freedom for weight saving so both drivers now feature slightly deeper and lower centers of gravity. 

Titleist claim this is the best driver they have ever made due to its combination of looks, sound and feel as well as being fast, long and forgiving. TSi2 is aimed at a player looking for higher launch, low spin, maximum stability and forgiveness for strikes across the face. It is available in RH 9,10 degree and LH 9,10,11 degree.

TSi3 is the 'better players' driver due to its classic shape, and penetrating ball flight. It is available in RH 8 and 9 degree and LH 8,9,10 degree.

The TSi3 is flawless appearance-wise. The heel section gives it an onset look that the faders will love and the top line toe section is a bit rounded off to give it an open look without having to crank it open. The face has a smooth matte finish that frames a white ball excellently.

Overall, the TSi Series drivers will be VERY popular but not for the reasons you would think. It’s playable, you can hit shots with it, that’s the mark of a GREAT golf club.

To purchase the driver go here. For the Fairway wood go here. Or if you would like a recommendation email us. To see what some of our other customers thought of the new Titleist TSi series see below. 
"I absolutely love the playability, adjustability and the overall performance of the TSi3. Pound for pound the best driver I've ever played. It's also the best looking driver I've ever played, and I have played a lot!"
-Joe in VA
"Purchased a TSI 2 13.5 degree fairway with graphite design IZ shaft, best fairway wood I have ever owned. Better distance than competing models and the consistency is the best I have seen with a fairway wood. When hit solid it produces a nice tight little draw with great launch angle similar to well struck iron shot which is a first for me."
-John in MD