The new Mitsubishi TENSEI Pro White 1K shaft completely changes the game when it comes to golf equipment. The innovative construction, awesome feel, and creative development promise a powerful shaft. Mitsubishi has completely delivered with the TENSEI Pro White 1k Shaft.Feel meets functionality in this new design. 

Mitsubishi’s engineers pushed the limits of lightweight construction without compromising the shaft’s performance. The 1k’s carbon fiber materials were strategically engineered and weighted to maximize distance and launch at moderate swing speeds.

The TENSEI Pro White 1K was specifically crafted for the player looking to achieve perfection. Created using extraordinary 1K Fiber that is 3x thinner than Carbon Kevlar for a tighter, more consistent weave. This super premium fiber produces an amazing “1K feel” by transmitting more of the high frequency vibrations and feedback throughout the swing. 

The shaft was constructed utilizing the new dual-phase XLINK Tech Resin System for a carbon-rich structure that is both stronger and more responsive. It creates a carbon-rich structure that is responsible for its ability to induce lower launch and spin. Boron fiber in the tip caps off this exceptional design and was specifically chosen by Mitsubishi to increase stability. The 1k’s carbon fiber materials were strategically engineered and weighted to maximize distance and launch at moderate swing speeds.

While the shaft will without a doubt be making to the bags of most pro players — the availability options for this premium design makes it the ideal addition for any player. The shafts atheistic — with the iridescent finish on the instantly recognizable TENSEI branding is as luxurious as the technology behind the build.

To see what some of our customers thought see below.  Or if you would like a recommendation please email us.  Or go here to purchase.  As always everything we sell is fully built to spec in house. 

“It’s a great shaft I love it !!  And dealing with you is a pleasure as usual!! I always recommend you to friends looking for golf equipment!”

-Michael in NJ

“Hi Will, I love the 1K.  It’s super stable and you really can feel the kick at impact.  It also eliminated the dreaded hook for me which is what I was looking for.”

-Evan in MA

“Love the Tensei 1K 50x. Great to have such a light shaft that adds some speed, yet stays super stable.

Have it in a TSi3 and really hit some bombs. The dispersion is tight, surprisingly so for such a lightweight shaft. Definite gamer for now.”

-Jeremy in CA 

“Happy to share my thoughts. Smooth, stable and one of the best shafts I have hit in a while. I've hit the original Tensei white and this is so much smoother and better feeling. I can go after it with no worries about it going offline and it just goes. I've probably hit two or three personal best drives already in about 3 rounds using the 1K. Definitely staying in the bag for quite a long time.” 

-Sean in CA

“The shaft is just phenomenal.  As I get older, I find myself still searching for the more boardy feel I loved in college… but now into my 40’s too boardy is a problem.  The Tensei 1K, (albeit w/ a 1/2” tip) bridges the gap for me in terms of boardy and stiff enough… yet also soft enough to where I can feel the shaft load and unload in my swing.  Coming out of the HZRDUS T1100… and Fujikura Motore Speeder has been easy with the Tensei 1K.  When you pair performance, with a sexy golf shaft… driving the ball becomes the most fun part of the game.  I paired this shaft with an Epic Speed Triple Diamond 9° driver head… and performance during Trackman fitting blew away every other club I tried.  I look forward to putting this shaft in my 3wd… soon as shelling out nearly $400 on a golf shaft makes sense again LOL.”

-Paul in CA

“I have limited on course experience with the Tensei 1k so far, but from hitting on the simulator and at the range in a TSI3 head I was impressed with the combined smoothness and stability of the shaft. I usually steer away from shafts with a boardy feel and thus far I am very impressed that so much feel can be found in a shaft with low launch and low spin. At the same time, my left miss seems to be reduced and still carries with the added stability. Looking forward to trying it out on the course more in the coming weeks.”

-Michael in SC