Right out of the gate, if you know anything about VA Nemesys, you know they are designed to standout – from looks, to feel, to performance, Nemesys is far from your average shaft. 

The look is cartoon – which the brand boasts as being inspired by the comic book revolution of the 70’s and the Pop Art movement of the 80s – these shafts are bright, colorful, and eye catching. 

By using the highest grade composite material, T1100, in the tip section, Nemesys was able to create the shaft wall thinner and add stability while maintaining proper club swing weight. The engineering of a heavier butt section and lighter tip section results in one of the highest high-balanced shafts in golf.

Nemesys’ performance is engineered with characteristics can allow for a gain of greater distance - which will certainly not be appreciated by others. The Nemesys features the unique use of tungsten powder in the butt section of the shaft which increases the weight and provides additional stability without building up wall thickness.

This shaft was created with club fitters in mind by having the added benefit of building clubs longer while maintain the same swing weight which has become increasingly difficult in todays heavy retail heads. With so many options for customizations – this shaft is both a club fitter and player’s dream.

To email Will for a recommendation please click here.  Or to purchase just go here. Or see below what some of our other customers had to say. 

“I really am enjoying it, so far. I really just dove in to the counterbalance shafts, did a lot of research on them and figured I would try it out. Of course, only trusted it being built by Peoples Golf. I haven’t noticed much distance gain, which is not what I was looking for. But my dispersion is much, much tighter. I like the feel I am getting at the top of my swing, I seem to feel the club head more and I am more willing to attack it and not have that worry of where the ball will end up. 

All and all I would recommend anyone looking to switch it up, to give it a shot. Maybe don’t dive right in like I did, see if it fits your swing or preferred ball flight. BUT If you are going to dive in or like how it feels, I would recommend only having it built by the best online golf store around.”

-Shawn in NJ

“I purchased the Nemesys 65 four flex shaft in May of this year. Due to COVID I have not been able to spend to spend as much time with it as I want but still playing once a week and a range session weekly as well but that said I love what I am seeing so far. I have always used Ping drivers and am typically used to the feel of counterbalanced shafts. Current driver is a G400 LST. My body build is on the smaller side and I model my game after LPGA players. The more extreme counterbalance of the shaft allowed me to comfortably lengthen the club to a 45.5 playing length which is more commonly found on the LPGA and still with a swingweight around D0 or D1. My first time out I immediately noticed an uptick in distance. My previous setup was 44.5 inches. I have not been able to get to a launch monitor with the driver but I suspect my speed has increased and I don’t feel like I am having to swing any harder or come out of my shoes. A smooth balanced swing with the Nemesys is giving me better results all around when compared to other shafts. I love the feel when you really connect with one on a drive. It has such a good positive reinforcement in your hards. The Nemesys has been a joy to have in the bag. “

-Andrew in AR

“After nine holes with a borrowed Ping 400 I knew I wanted this shaft in my Mavrik. Peoples golf put a Callaway adapter and grip and cut the shaft to my specs.  I cannot believe the consistency I have achieved with this shaft.  Service was great from Peoples Golf and I will be using them again.”

-Danny in GA

“Yes! I love it. It feels super smooth to swing. I don't feel like I need to try hard to swing fast and load it up, but I've hit a few of my longest drives with it. Smooth, sexy beast. It's been great for my tempo. I can't wait to continue to play with it. It's also just a gorgeous looking shaft.

And thank you for the awesome build, you really make this hack enthusiast's club dreams come true. 

Take care and I'm sure I'll be back!”

-Danielle in CA

“The most impressive thing to me is to have the feeling that you know exactly where the club head is from your takeaway, into your downswing and all the way through your follow through. 

As you know, I put it into my driver first and found so much more consistency in the shape, but most important for me is the flight that I can count on. I liked it sooooo much that I have the VA Nemesys into both my 3 and 5 fairway woods, getting the exact same results as I am with the driver. 

By far, the best shafts I have put into my driver and fairways.”

-Sean in NV 

“I’ve been using the va nemesys in my ping driver for a few months now. The shaft is stable and predictable. My misses have tighter dispersion and the balance of the shaft has been a great fit to my swing.  

Please let me know if I can help with anything else. Thank you for what you do for the golfwrx community.”

Chad in NC 

“The VA Nemesys is somewhat unique in that it has a very high balance point which is what VA describes. The high balance point/counter balancing certainly promotes less effort to achieve greater swing speeds and in some ways takes a little time to get used to. In addition, the swing weight will feel lighter when compared to non counter balanced shafts so going very light in this shaft may not give one the desired control or dispersion, yet I still recommend it as an almost effortless increased ball speed/higher launch. It also is probably one of the best looking/graphics shaft I have ever seen. It certainly will be noticed.”

-Bruce in OH