Golf is an art form, a sport that is to be appreciated and admired. We are excited to now be carrying VA Shafts VYLYN, which was developed with the inspiration of artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

Not only are the VA Shafts VYLYN aesthetically pleasing and catches the eyes anyone on the greens, its an advanced shaft that delivers a lower-spinning shaft with a mid-high launch angle.

If you have a smoother swing and average load, the VA VYLYN is exactly what you need to improve your game. While the technology of the shaft promises to help improve your game, Victor Afable wanted to create something visually unique. With the comic book graphics, this shaft really stands out.

The VYLYN’s bend profile is softer in the butt section of the shaft, while stiffer in the mid and tip sections. This results in low spin with mid-high launch. A player with an average load and smooth swing could benefit from playing the VYLYN. The shaft’s energy release is noticeable, kind of like playing on cruise control. The ease of the shaft and its gradual bend profile is incredibly smooth.

Check out what some of our customers had to say on the new Vylyn

"The combination you set up for me is awesome! A low flight, low spin, straight bullet shot. I set the M5 head with one weight at the front for low spin and the other weight by the draw setting to help with balance. My driver is a accurate, low, long ball setup! Love it!"
-Jay in Ohio
"Short version on the Vylyn- Easy power. 
I was fit into this shaft during a recent fitting. Never in a million years would I have tried this shaft. I’m a 16 handicap with a top end driver swing speed of 100 mph.  I have a positive angle of attack and my natural shot shape is slight draw.  I have the new Cobra F9 Speedback 9 degree. I originally self fit myself into the ATMOS Black 7s and later into the Ventus 7s. 
I was shocked that the Vylyn was an X flex. It’s so easy to load and the kick is pronounced but controlled. During the fitting I got about a 5 mph increase because the release was natural.  Definitely more for the smooth swinger. Perfect combo for me in terms of feel and kick without being loose. 
Highly recommend people give it a go."
-Wai in TX.

If you have a question about the new VYLYN shaft please email us, or to purchase go here.