Miura QPQ

Golfers no longer have to compromise performance for bag appeal thanks to Miura Golf’s newly invented black finish using a technique called “QPQ” or quench-polish-quench. Irons and wedges with a matte black finish are always a must strictly due to their bag appeal — however with the usual wear and tear, the black finish never lasts — so the bag appeal is short lived. 

Miura Golf decided to change that. Their new specialized QPQ process helps mitigate wear and corrosion, keeping those black finishes looking clean and stealthy, even for golfers who play and practice frequently. The QPQ process creates an extremely thin layer of iron oxide on the exterior. This three-step process leaves the club with a heightened durability and groove life. The black finish also contributes to a glare-free address. The new matte black finish offers a visually stunning alternative to the renowned Miura satin chrome finish. 

To offer proof of concept, Miura is putting the new technology to the test, releasing a number of its current iron and wedge offerings in the new matte black finish. 

Now, the MB-101, TC-201, CB-301 and MC-501 irons, as well as the Tour wedges, Tour HB (High Bounce) wedges and K-Grind 2.0 wedges will all be available with the improved black finish. Miura assures customers that the QPQ process is purely aesthetic and promises that it will have no impact on performance or feel to their classic products — and by releasing some of its top products with the new finish, customers can experience the QPQ for themselves. 

To see what some of our customers thought see below.  Or if you would like a recommendation please email us.  Or go here to purchase.  As always everything we sell is fully built to spec in house. 

"Honestly I am really impressed, the finish is not like other black irons I have played with in the past.   The black is not wearing off at all even after using them in some sandy conditions and lots of range work.   They feel like the chrome versions of Muira irons and look amazing with the black finish.  Thanks Will!”
-John in TX 
"Looks are great, even better in person. Same feel as the satin 101s, finish seems durable and should last. Can’t emphasize the looks being the best attribute."
- Chris in GA 
"So far so good. The build came out exactly how I wanted them… love the X CT lites with the heads. My personal preference is to feel the weight in the head on wedges and it allows me to get more aggressive and more speed through the ball around the greens compared to my SM8s.” 
-Joseph in NY
"Absolutely love them Will! Shot my 2 career low rounds of -2 and -1 back to back. (The -2 I was -4 stepping onto 18 and made double bogey due to a bad drive lol) Been stuck on even par or +1 for awhile now and finally did it. The irons are so forgiving for a forged iron and the feel is unmatched. They truly are the best feeling iron I have ever hit! The QPQ finish is great too. No sun glare and so far no wear even when hitting off range Mats. 
I will definitely be recommending these to everyone in the market for new clubs!"
-Nick in NJ