Due to the continued high demand across the golf industry, there is a potential shortage of grips.  Though we will continue to make every effort to procure and install the intended grip, we may on occasion need to substitute a different grip.  Please also note that not all items marked in stock are currently available. If you have any questions about a turnaround of an order please email us.

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Miura Golf

We carry the entire Miura Golf Product line including irons, wedges, drivers, and putters. Miura makes some of the finest forged golf clubs in the world! All Miura golf clubs are designed and manufactured by Katsuhiro Miura who still works at the factory every day with his family. With over 10 series of Miura golf clubs now available, The Peoples Clubs strives to bring customers the best selection of custom golf clubs available. Let us know your preferred specifications and have your Miura golf clubs customized by our trained and professional team. We offer stamping and paint fill as custom options to ensure you get the exact club just the way you want it! Miura golf irons and wedges tend to be smaller than some of the other manufacturer's clubs that we carry. Check out our tour irons and golf irons and wedges at retail prices!