For golfers seeking the ultimate combination of forgiveness and distance, the Ping G430 MAX 10K driver is a game-changer. This technologically advanced club boasts the highest Moment of Inertia (MOI) ever achieved in a PING driver, exceeding the 10,000 g-cm² threshold.

What does this mean for your game?

A higher MOI translates to exceptional forgiveness on off-center hits. The G430 MAX 10K actively resists twisting on mishits, promoting straighter ball flight and minimizing slice or hook. This translates to more confidence addressing the ball and a noticeable improvement in accuracy off the tee.

Beyond Forgiveness: Unlocking Distance Potential

The G430 MAX 10K isn't just about forgiveness. PING's innovative engineering unlocks explosive distance potential. The driver features a fixed back weight that positions mass strategically low and in the back of the clubhead. This design element contributes to a higher launch angle, promoting longer carry distances.

The G430 MAX 10K also features a large head profile, which can inspire confidence for golfers at address. The generous sweet spot provides a larger margin for error, while the Carbonfly Wrap crown sheds weight, allowing Ping to redistribute mass for even more forgiveness and higher launch.

Key Technologies for Peak Performance:

  • Record-Setting MOI: For unmatched forgiveness and straighter drives.
  • Fixed Back Weight: Promotes higher launch for maximum distance potential.
  • Large Head Profile: Inspires confidence and offers a larger sweet spot.
  • Carbonfly Wrap Crown: Saves weight, allowing for optimized CG placement and higher launch.

Ready to Experience the G430 MAX 10K Difference?

The new Ping G430 MAX 10K driver is not only our best selling driver of 2024 but it is a must-have for golfers seeking to improve accuracy and unlock hidden distance potential. 
-Will Peoples 

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"To be honest I would call it a Unicorn. I feel like I can hit it anywhere on the face and it still stays in play. I've always struggled with the shot off the toe that dive hard left and comes out low. That doesn't exist with this driver. And the fact that it still competes with much less forgiving drivers in ball speed and distance is incredible."

-Luke in TX

"I’m absolutely blown away by the 10K. I’m a high speed guy (122-125mph) and on paper you’d think this head wouldn’t be a great fit from a spin perspective but unlike the standard g430 the 10k keeps spin a manageable window even for high speed guys and it is WILD how forgiving the thing is. Ball speed wise the 10k is no slouch either. Sure it’s not as quick as a forward CG driver, but it’s only 2-3mph slower and with the added forgiveness my average ball speed actually ends up being significantly higher overall. I’d say that proper shaft fitting is crucial to make the 10k truly sing and with my TR Black 7x and turned down to 7.5°, my 10k is giving me a full on opera concert on the course lol. Truly this may be a club we all look back on as one of the all time greats."

-Austin in ID

"My last driver was the TM M4 because I haven’t found a driver that performed as well for me. This one is insanely good! It’s my new gamer. Shots I feel like I would have lost 15-20 yards left or right, is only moving 10 yds at most! Very forgiving."

-Mike in FL

"I would say the 10k is solid overall package. For me it’s mid spin 2600 and high launch which what I was looking for and really forgiving on toe hits."

-Tim in WA