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The Peoples Clubs Tour Services

Peoples Clubs

Hot Melt- $50 (FREE Return USPS Priority Insured Shipping)
Hot Melt treatment is used in touring professionas clubs to add weight, create a bias, repair or prevent rattles, promote a better feel and also to mute the sound.  The Peoples Clubs can do this tour service for you for $50 which does include free return shipping via USPS Priority Insured. This is done on any new club purchase from us for free. We can also use hot melt to repair a rattle. To see a video of us hotmelting a club or to purchase please go here. 
Club Installation- $50 per club, $25 per iron or wedge.  
We offer a tour quality club install.  This is warrantied for life by us. We can install the club into your shaft or any of the adjustable sleeves. This does include frequency matching, swingweighting, Spinning/FLO, gripping, and much more. We can do this on a standard club or a bore through. This also includes free return USPS Insured shipping.  
New Adapter Installed on your shaft- $75   
This will include a new adapter of your choice, as well as include pulling your old adapter, installing the new adapter, a new grip of your choice, and insured shipping back. This also includes free return USPS Insured shipping.  
Bending- $5 per Iron or Wedge, $25 for a set of irons.
This includes adjusting both the loft and lie.  
Iron Blueprinting- $20 per club
Our bluepringting process starts with us selecting the best components for your build.  We check the shafts and select the ones with the best CPM to create an seemless flow between clubs.  We then select matching grips that all weigh the same or within a .5g tolerance.  Then we measure and set the Loft, Lie, Length, CPM, Head Weight, Swing Weight, etc.  Finally we print off all of the specs from your build and include them. See our blueprint video.
SST Puring- $25 per club
Includes print off and Pure Sticker. 
Spec Check- $10 per club
We can check all of the specs of your club, Loft, Lie, Length, CPM, Head Weight, Swing Weight, etc.  
Regrip- Email for prices.   
As always any new club purchased from us comes with a grip of your choice. 
Custom Club Fittings- Email for prices.   
We have all the newest technology in Club Fitting.  Email us to get this process started or for a price. 
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