Hybrids shafts are always a hot topic, as they tend to be hit or miss with most golfers. Finding the perfect hybrid is typically centered around finding the right shaft. The Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 Hybrid shaft found the perfect combination by using both steel and graphite for a strong ball flight with softer feel.

The sleek matte black appearance of the Nippon Modus 3 Hybrid shaft will stand out in your bag – with the perfect graphics to make it pop. Although the hybrid has the toughness of steel, Nippon has found a genius way to infuse the steel to feel smooth and steady. 

The shaft’s bend profile allows for a mid-launch and spin—but lends itself to golfers who typically favor a stronger shaft feel. The combo of steel and graphite is down to a science, which means you are going to see a near-identical trajectory every swing. The stability of the steel and the lightweight of the graphite proves to be the ideal combination for any stronger player.

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