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  1. Miura QPQ

    Golfers no longer have to compromise performance for bag appeal thanks to Miura Golf’s newly invented black finish using a technique called “QPQ” or quench-polish-quench...

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  2. Miura Baby Blade

    Subtlety and the Miura brand go hand in hand so it’s no surprise that Miura’s Baby Blades are back for a limited time!  This beautiful Y sole grind includes a subtle heel and toe relief that enhances the playability of the iron to ensure the best path for the club head to turf.

    Looks can be deceiving and because these clubs look nothing like the game-improvement cavity-backs you are used to being sold, you may be tempted to overlook them. These clubs are going to show you crisper contact, increased accuracy, and consistency.  In our opinion they are sneaky forgiving, way more forgiving than you would expect from a smaller head.   

    Miura’s Baby Blades are 15% smaller overall, making the clubhead easier to square up at impact. In this case, size doesn’t matter, because although the overall size is smaller, Miura created a face both dense and substantial,

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  3. Miura TC-201

    Always searching to the latest and greatest, we are excited to announce the addition of Miura’s new TC-201 forged cavity-back irons...

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  4. Miura MB

    A consolidation of tradition and atheistic, the Miura MB-101 perfectly incorporates the superior characteristics of early Miura designs and models...

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  5. Miura CB 301

    Miura CB 301

    Miura has done it again. The CB-301 (Cavity Back) combines the feel and playability of a player’s iron with the forgiveness and distance to improve golfers of all skill levels. The newest iron from Miura is standing out for more reasons than one. Not only is it the longest full forged cavity back iron Miura Golf has ever produced, it has a larger sweet spot to promise greater control and improved performance for all shots. This iron combines the ease of a player’s iron, with ultimate playability, with the forgiveness of tour inspired shape for maximum distance.

    This club is built with an emphasis on gravity, with a thick cavity and variable sole engineered for improved performance.

    Just like all of Miura’s products, the CB-301 is forged using Miura Golf’s one-of-a-kind 14-step manufacturing process, guaranteed to give you the ultimate player’s experience

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